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Feel the heat @ Freek − Video - 06.12.2013

Feel the heat @ Freek

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Friedrich Freek GmbH is a family business with its registered head office in Menden, Sauerland, Germany; the company operates worldwide. We develop, produce, and sell electric heating elements for industrial applications; when it comes to heating operations in the plastics industry our products really set the standard. We have a global reputation as specialists in process heat technology; ever since 1950 we have been providing reliable, top-quality products "Made in Germany" from a single source. Freek supplies heating elements to numerous reputed manufacturers and market leaders in all sectors - both the traditional and the young and expanding. Our customers are not only from plastics and packaging industries but also companies involved in medical and laboratory equipment, air-conditioning, canteen kitchens, solar and wind energy, aviation and aerospace.

Today our core business is the production of highly innovative HotMicroCoils - often used as electric nozzle heating elements for hot runners in injection moulding. But our product spectrum is much broader than that - offering customers all sorts of industrial-standard heating elements. This does not only include HotMicroCoils but also a wide range of heating elements - tubular heaters, cartridge heaters, infrared heaters, flat heating elements, foil heaters, and air heaters, and also the complete range of measuring and controlling technology. With our intelligent value-added system, our flexible machines, our innovative product and production concepts, and our various specialist competences Freek now serves more than 1000 customers worldwide every year.

All this could not be achieved without our highly motivated staff. They make all the difference! They sustain our tried and tested quick response system. For our customers that means short delivery times and maximum flexibility.

Freek stands above all for sustained growth through innovation. We develop new ideas - ideally in co-operation with our customers and our many international partners and with the support of numerous scientists - also within the framework of joint research projects under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

We offer innovative solutions, customized for your application in plastics and packaging technology and wherever electric process heat determines product quality and process speed.
Stefan Kaiser, Managing Director Friedr. Freek GmbH

Our competent employees are at your service. This is what you can rely on.
Wolfgang Kaiser, Managing Director Friedr. Freek GmbH

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