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Freek has been actively carrying out production research for the last 15 years. Their driving force has been the conviction that the production location Germany has two significant competitive advantages: an outstanding education system and an equally outstanding research environment. Freek has made best use of both these advantages and created a top team with its scientific partners.

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In a turbulent environment dominated by global networks, cross-market integration, product individualisation and high innovation dynamics, a family enterprise from Menden in Germany's Sauerland region has shown impressively just how important strategic corporate development and a high level of adaptability are for sustained corporate success.

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List of Literature

Bibliography of our research projects.

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Research Project "Eucopet"

In view of the numerous of fields of application and target groups, Freek considers innovation management and marketing to be equally as important as the actual production. Which is why, for the last 15 years, the company has been a partner in the international cooperation network EUCOPET, founded by Freek in 1995 and for which Freek is still principal coordinator.

Research Project "Lean"

With the research project LEAN Implementation, which was completed in 2008, Freek also demonstrated how simple heating elements could be successfully manufactured in a high-tech country such as Germany. The particular challenge of this process lay in the simultaneous optimisation of two apparently conflicting objectives: cost-cutting standardisation and market-oriented flexibility.

Research Project "Low2High"

In the crisis year 2009, Freek and its partners invested a great deal of time in the development of new and improved products. This gave rise to numerous new market opportunities, in particular in the field of innovative HotMicroCoil heating elements. But there are also signs of recovery for simple standard heating elements, where, within the research project Low2High, which runs until 2011, Freek has continued to develop the low-tech business model contained in LEAN.

Research Project "StraKosphere"

The objective of the collaborative project 'Strategic competence development for non-research intensive small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry (StraKosphere)' is an initial development and practical testing of suitable and practicable tools and concepts for strategic competence development with which the skills and expertise of production employees can be shaped according to strategic company objectives and the resultant potential for process innovation can be better utilised.