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We have been developing electric heating elements for more than 70 years

Friedr. Freek has been founded in 1950 as a manufacturer of electric heating elements. This is one of the few points that haven´t changed until this day: we still produce electric heating elements. Friedr. Freek are based in Menden / Sauerland, approx. 30 km southeast of Dortmund. About 60 employees are working here.

We all work totally team-oriented, from the boss up to the production employee. There is only one hierarchy level: the one of the executive board, all other employees are at the same hierarchy level, with just one more manager on the shop floor as a disciplinary superior.

This allows our employees to work as independently as possible; interfaces are reduced to a minimum. This guarantees shortest decision-making routes and motivated employees. This is something our customers benefit from.

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