Infrared Heaters


Various materials can be heated with infrared without having any contact. The energy is transferred from the emitter to the product immediately after switching-on. The reason is that heat radiation is as quick as light and does not depend on any inert transport medium. Thus, infrared emitters can be used in vacuum as well as in surrounding atmosphere. The different designs and infrared wave lengths allow using them in various applications. The tables in the service chapter can be useful for making the decision. The overview serves as first orientation guide.

Infrared Heaters

Overview Infrared Heaters

There are three main types of infrared emitters. They are classified according to emitted wave lengths: long wave emitters, wave length 3-10 µm (e. g. ceramic emitters), medium wave emitters, wave length 1,4-3 µm (e. g. quartz cassettes), short wave emitters, wave length 0,75-1,4 µm (e. g. quartz-halogen-emitters)...

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Long Wave Ceramic Infrared Emitters

Long Wave Ceramic Infrared Emitters are robust, standardized and very competitively priced. At 300 °C to 750 °C the ceramic heaters emit medium to long wave IR-radiation between 2 and 10 µm. Most plastics and many other materials absorb this wave length range very well. We supply two basic types: Solid Ceramic Emitters and Hollow Ceramic Emitters...

Medium Wave Quartz Emitters

With Medium Wave Quartz Emitters the heating coil heats the quartz glass tube and thus activates the product. Depending on the temperature you can see a dark red up to a bright-orange glow. In the medium and long wave infrared range quartz infrared emitters have an emission range that can be compared with ceramic emitters. The short wave radiation ratio below 3 µm, that only quartz infrared emitters have, make the difference...

Short Wave Quartz Emitters

Short Wave Quartz Emitters are the infrared emitters with the highest radiation intensity (up to 20 W/cm²). They consist of coiled tungsten wire within an air-tight quartz glass filled with inert gas. Depending on the requested emission range, differently coiled heating coils are used...

Infrared Solutions

As the applications and demands for infrared heat are manifold, there are as many different infrared systems. Sometimes a product absorbs best the long-wave radiation of a ceramic heater, sometimes the short cycle time demands a short-wave halogen heater. If this is a surface treatment, there is a need for deep heating. Finally, surfaces are not always homogeneous and flat or may only be partially heated...

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ComfortSun for Indoor and Outdoor Use

For outdoor use; on patios, in smoking areas, restaurants and in beer gardens with little sun we offer our "ComfortSun". It can be supplied either in satin stainless steel or black powder-coated with 650W-ceramic or quartz-emitters. The ComfortSun 360 and IRP 4 models have been specially designed for overhead installation...

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Service (Selection Aids, User Manual, Infrared Research)

Please click here to receive selection aids and user manuals as well as results regarding the current infrared research of our Ceramicx Centres for Infrared Innovation...

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  • Chapter Infrared Heaters
    Chapter Infrared Heaters

    Contact free heating, various wave lengths: Direct heating of materials and surfaces. We offer a huge standard range for every type of infrared radiation in different models.