Freek extends its after-sales-heating element range by Watlow spare heaters - 04.01.2016

Thanks to the 20 year intensive cooperation with heating element manufactures of similar sectors and company sizes in Germany, Europe and the US within the former EUREKA-project EUCOPET Freek & co. benefit from numerous synergies regarding their strategical cooperation. Besides economies of scale at the purchasing, peak balancing in the production, complementary range addition with mutual marketing and sales the partners support each other in trouble solving and product development. Thus the complete range of industrial heating elements and its quality and innovation level has been steadily increasing.

Due to the inflationary utility patent and patent applications by some large heating element manufacturers there has been an increasing demand to spare heaters as an alternative to the patented originals. Based on this Freek and its network partners have specialized in developing and establishing heating element alternatives. For example Freek has been offering alternatives for numerous Husky and Rosemount heating elements for more than 10 years. Recently Freek added alternative heating elements for Watlow-heaters to its product range, among them are the brands Firerod®-cartridge heaters, Watrod™-tubular heaters, mineral insulated nozzle heaters, pre-wound cable heaters for nozzle heating as well as silicone heaters.

We would like to emphasize that with the product range extension Freek only reacts to the demand on the market. Especially in the past years the demand for alternatives to the patented and sometimes very expensive original Watlow heaters has been steadily increasing.

Freek extends its after-sales-heating element range by Watlow spare heaters

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