Research Project "Eucopet"


In view of the numerous of fields of application and target groups, Freek considers innovation management and marketing to be equally as important as the actual production. Which is why, for the last 15 years, the company has been a partner in the international cooperation network EUCOPET, founded by Freek in 1995 and for which Freek is still principal coordinator.

The main objective of this cooperation between companies from Germany, Italy, Ireland, England and the USA is the mutual development and global marketing of new, resp. improved electric heating elements [5].

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In the mid 1990s Freek was still the typical outside supplier of its day. Driven by the pioneering spirit of its senior, carried by highly motivated employees, with few formalities but all the more specialised in the niche market. At that time 100% of Freek's business was with simple heating elements for the household appliance industry, especially heater batteries for clothes dryers. The resulting dependency on just a few major customers in this sector was therefore high.

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Eucopet Cooperation Model

For Freek, EUCOPET signifies controlled growth through cooperation in the field of product and process innovation, a comprehensive range of products and access to global markets. Due to newly acquired partners in England, Italy, and the USA, and by expanding cooperation to include material purchasing, production and marketing, 15 years after its creation the network has today lost nothing of its appeal and added value for the companies involved.

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Record of Success

A brief glance at sales development shows the wisdom of the transition with EUCOPET. Not only did Freek manage to achieve the turnaround, it was also able to initiate a growth cycle that was sustained through to 2002.

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Foundation partner, new partners, research institutes, support institution...

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Milestones & Press

Our EUCOPET milestones and press releases from 1997 to 2003...

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