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Customized Solutions for the Packaging Industry - Square Cartridge Heaters by Freek - 20.02.2024

Customized Solutions for the Packaging Industry - Square Cartridge Heaters by FreekFreek presents an innovative solution for the packaging industry.
Square cartridge heaters offer an efficient alternative for heating of welding bars, heating tables, or tools compared to conventional round cartridge heaters...


Freek Offsite - 03. - 04.11.2023

Freek OffsiteFreek embraces Team Spirit and Innovation: Successful 2-Day Offsite at Golfhotel Gut Neuenhof. The offsite served not only as a relaxation getaway but also as a strategic alignment for the upcoming year...

Freek in Metoree - 29.09.2023

Freek in MetoreeOur MicroCoils - Nozzle Heating Elements are featured on "Metoree", a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers...

Freek now solar-powered - 23.05.2023

Freek now solar-poweredFriedr. Freek GmbH sets an example for sustainability and efficiency: 85 kWp photovoltaic system successfully installed and roof refurbishment completed...


Freek flying high - 06.05.2022

Freek flying highAfter two years of forced pandemic break, the Freek team was delighted to finally be able to do one of the infamous Kaiser@Venture-Tours together with all colleagues again. After the Corona-compliant planned Christmas market on the Freek outdoor area fell victim to the sharp increase in incidence last December, there was no longer any obstacle this time...

Freek back to pre-crisis level - 24.02.2022

Freek back to pre-crisis levelMenden/Germany - 2021 was not an easy year for heating element manufacturer Friedr. Freek either. The lockdown at the beginning of the year, uncertainty about the progress, handling and consequences of the pandemic as well as disrupted supply chains and price increases across the board made serious predictions almost impossible. The Freek managers are therefore all the more pleased to be able to announce a growth of 16% in 2021 leading the company much earlier back to pre-crisis level than expected...


Case Study: Lightweight Drying System For Food Manufacturers - 16.02.2021

Case Study: Lightweight Drying System For Food ManufacturersWith over 100 years in the industry, a single German company is one of the biggest, global system manufacturers to produce fully automatic machinery for flat and hollow food production. Their development requires the highest of standards and compliance. So with investment into a custom Ceramicx infrared drying system and ceramic elements, they can now offer a safer, more suitable environment for their customer?s food applications...


Minimal consumption. Maximum power. - 11.05.2020

Our nozzle heaters are already up to 22% more energy efficient than those of our competitors.Our nozzle heaters are already up to 22% more energy efficient than those of our competitors. Considering the ongoing destruction of system-relevant ecosystems and an increasingly threatening climate change, there is no alternative to transforming our industrial and prosperous society into a sustainable post-carbon society. Freek, as part of the system, shares responsibility and strives to reduce its carbon footprint...

Visit us virtually - 08.05.2020

Visit us virtuallyIf travelling and face-to-face meetings are no longer possible in times of Corona until further notice, we still can meet online. Let's make a virtue of necessity and meet in the virtual FreekMeetingRoom...


Freek with novelties at K 2019 - Next Generation Cartridge Heaters and Nozzle Heaters - 11.09.2019

Freek with novelties at K 2019 - Next Generation Cartridge Heaters and Nozzle HeatersGerman-based heating element specialist Friedr. Freek presents two novelties at K-Show from 16. to 23. October in Duesseldorf. Their square cartridge heaters and alternative nozzle heaters convince by numerous mechanical, economic and ecological advantages (hall 11 / A01)...

Keen on new things. Freek portrait in INFORM 01/19; page 20-24 (customer magazine of Otto Hofstetter AG) - 13.05.2019

Keen on new things. Freek portrait in INFORM 01/19; page 20-24 (customer magazine of Otto Hofstetter AG)For 20 years, Friedr. Freek GmbH has been supplying heating elements for the moulds of Otto Hofstetter AG. The family enterprise in the German town of Menden is the global leader in this field and permanently busy holding its position...

25 years heating elements from Freek. Kunststoffmagazin 02/19 - 06.02.2019

25 years heating elements from Freek. Kunststoffmagazin 02/19Read here the complete background information for the report in the German "Kunststoffmagazin" in our HotNews article "Family-run heating element producer Freek continues to grow with HotMicroCoils"...

Freek goes China - 07.01.2019

Freek goes ChinaAfter visiting Chinaplas for the first time in 2016, Freek's director Stefan Kaiser was certain: 'In 2017 we're going as an exhibitor.' And this is how the company came to exhibit in Guangzhou for the first time and then again in 2018 in Shanghai, presenting in particular its highly innovative HotMicroCoil nozzle heating elements. The fact that the time is now right to go to China is evident from the constantly growing demand of increasingly innovative Asian market players. This clientele, with its focus on high technology, knows the value of top-quality nozzle heating and is prepared to pay a fair price for it...


Infrared Solutions - 13.12.2017

Infrared SolutionsFrom now on our new chapter "Infrared Solutions" shall convince you that Freek not only stands for high quality infrared emitters but also for the complete and fitting infrared solution. You choose whether you only want to buy the platen from us or the complete system including control and heat-resistant conveyer technology.


Herschel earns its spurs - Helping form the perfect sheet - 22.02.2016

Herschel earns its spurs - Helping form the perfect sheetHeatWorks readers will know that earlier this year, Ceramicx Ltd together with Trinity College Dublin (TCD) signed a technology licensing agreement to build and market a test instrument to map the previously invisible IR heat spectrum.

Holidays 2016 - 05.01.2016

Holidays 2016Holidays 2016

Freek extends its after-sales-heating element range by Watlow spare heaters - 04.01.2016

Freek extends its after-sales-heating element range by Watlow spare heatersDue to the inflationary utility patent and patent applications by some large heating element manufacturers there has been an increasing demand to spare heaters as an alternative to the patented originals. Based on this Freek and its network partners have specialized in developing and establishing heating element alternatives. For example Freek has been offering alternatives for numerous Husky and Rosemount heating elements for more than 10 years.


Freek hot runner heaters − smaller, faster, hotter! - 18.08.2015

Fakuma 2015 - International Trade Fair for Plastics ProcessingAt the upcoming Fakuma heating element manufacturer Friedr. Freek will especially focus on its miniaturization successes on its booth in hall A2, 2206. With this development focus the German traditional company supports the leading hot runner manufacturers in producing even more compact, precise and thus resource and energy efficient nozzles and hot runners. The special challenge here is the adherence to the high electric test standards self-imposed by Freek.

Freek @ NPE2015 - 05.02.2015

Freek @ NPE2015After it's successful premiere in April 2012 Freek are very much looking forward to forthcoming second NPE edition in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The NPE is the ideal platform for the global plastics industry to present the complete supply chain of the branch...

Public Holidays 2015 - 05.01.2015

Public Holidays 2015Unfortunately, this year some of Germany's public holidays fall on a weekend, but we will still use every opportunity for bridging days. As usual, there will be no summer shut-down and therefore all departments will be available to you during the summer months and will offer you the usual service.


Infrared research 2.0 - 13.11.2014

Infrared research 2.0The group of scientists headed by Dr. Tony Robinson (TCD), Dr. Gerard McGranaghan and Dr. Cáthál Wilson (both Ceramicx) aims at shedding light on the IR-heat transfer. For this they take advantage of the specifically developed test system HERSCHEL that got its name from the discoverer of the IR-radiation...

With tailwind to Fakuma and Euromold 2014 - 05.03.2014

With tailwind to Fakuma and Euromold 2014The electric heat expert Friedr. Freek is currently experiencing the most successful year in its almost 65 years of company history. The order books are well filled, the employee recruitment is in progress and a further extension already planned. The positive economic boom is one reason for these steps for the Menden-based company. However, the managing directors Wolfgang and Stefan Kaiser are also of the opinion that many decisions were taken in the right way as well. Especially the various product and process innovations are rewarded by the market. This can be seen not only in the increasing new business but also in the growing willingness of OEM customers to take up long-term relationships with Freek. In this year alone Freek was able to conclude contracts running for several years with four well-known hot runner manufacturers. Michael Ablas, authorized representative and responsible division manager, has a simple explanation for this: "Good products and reliable service combined with short delivery times are always the best promotion"...

The proof of the pudding - 05.03.2014

The proof of the puddingThe new Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation, C2I2, has enjoyed a breathless start to life over the past three months. Operations Manager Dr Gerard McGranaghan picks out the highlights...

Freek partners take the tour... - 03.03.2014

Freek partners take the tour...HeatWorks magazine took a little time out from the K 2013 exhibition to join the Friday bus trip to Ceramicx partner and associate Friedr Freek...

Special K - Some positive thoughts on how we found the K 2013 experience - 03.03.2014

Special K - Some positive thoughts on how we found the K 2013 experienceEspecially the Ceramicx range of IR heating elements has been expressively praised by visitors. Alone the visual impression of the current elements is no longer comparable with the former product generation...

Entry Certificate at Freek - 28.02.2014

Entry Certificate at FreekThe implementation of the Entry Certificate in Germany has caused a lot of trouble in the industry in the past months. When companies supply goods to end-users based in EU-countries they have to prove that the goods really arrived in the EU-member state in order to take advantage of the turnover tax exemption.


Holiday 2014 - 12.12.2013

Holiday 2014As in the past years, we will again use public holidays for long week ends. As the practise to make no summer shutdown has proven itself of value, also this summer all departments are at your disposal in order to be able to offer our well-known service.

Feel the heat @ Freek - Video (3min) - 06.12.2013

Feel the heat @ Freek - VideoFriedrich Freek GmbH is a family business with its registered head office in Menden, Sauerland, Germany; the company operates worldwide. We develop, produce, and sell electric heating elements for industrial applications; when it comes to heating operations in the plastics industry our products really set the standard. We have a global reputation as specialists in process heat technology; ever since 1950 we have been providing reliable, top-quality products "Made in Germany" from a single source.

Ceramicx launches the game changer for thermoforming process design - 30.09.2013

Ceramicx launches the game changer for thermoforming process designLeading component manufacturer, machinery builder and IR heat specialist Ceramicx launches a revolutionary new IR heating tool at K 2013. The new machine will be operational on the Ceramicx exhibition stand and is set to help the worldwide plastics industries achieve pinpoint processing accuracy and increased profit margin through energy saving.

Heat Solutions for Plastics from Freek - 26.09.2013

Heat Solutions for Plastics from FreekHeatWorks magazine is pleased to present this pre K 2013 show interview and synopsis about Freek process heating solutions for the plastics industries worldwide.

Getting ready for showtime in Germany! - 26.09.2013

Getting ready for showtime in Germany!It gives Ceramicx great pleasure to once more be preparing to celebrate our expansion and our new products with our friends and associates at Friedr Freek, Germany.

IR heat measurement - The game has changed! - 26.09.2013

IR heat measurement - The game has changed!Thanks to hard work, innovative thinking and Enterprise Ireland (EI) Innovation Partnership funding, Ceramicx and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) are now ready with a new way of measuring and reading the Infrared heating spectrum.

International partner day at Freek on the occasion of the K-Show - 11.09.2013

International partner day at Freek on the occasion of the K-Show"It only takes place every three years and given Freek's recent expansions and the production extensions it just makes sense to jump at the opportunity of this year's K-Show" says managing director Wolfgang Kaiser. About 20 international partners have already accepted Freek's invitation to start the 1,5 h tour to Menden (Sauerland) on Friday, 18th October 2013, together with the two at Freek responsible brothers Wolfgang and Stefan Kaiser as well as Michael Ablas (authorized signatory) to see the recent developments of the well-known process heat specialist at the production site in Menden.

New Infrared Measurement - 11.07.2013

New Infrared MeasurementThe core of the innovation partnership centre at Trinity College Dublin, launched in 2012, is on developing a method to make infrared and its effect on a target material visible using energy (watts) as the unit of measurement. For this purpose our long-term cooperation partner Ceramicx Ireland, together with the scientists at Trinity College Dublin, led by Dr. Tony Robinson developed a robot supported measurement and diagnostic system which will be presented to a broad public at forthcoming K show, this October in Düsseldorf.

Holiday 2013 - 13.02.2013

Holiday 2013In 2013 there will be some bank holidays which invite to build the bridge; which we happily accept.


Thermoforming. New Process Variations Expand Sales Markets - Article in magazine "Kunststoffe" - 31.10.2012

Thermoforming. New Process Variations Expand Sales Markets - Article in magazine KunststoffeIn the October issue of the "Kunststoffe international" magazine an article about current trends in the thermoforming industry has been published. In the article of author Maren Begemann the leading German thermoformers as well as experts in tooling, materials and IR heater technology have their say.

Fakuma 2012 - Freek heats 3-dimensional - 12.10.2012

Fakuma 2012 - Freek heats 3-dimensionalFriedr. Freek GmbH, stand A2-2206, again presents innovative heating solutions at this year's Fakuma. Spatially bent tubular heaters which have been desired by the market can be produced with a min. diameter of 3.3 mm. Thus smallest hotrunners with complex geometry can be heated, if necessary even with sectional power distribution.

Freek's website in a new outfit. - 07.09.2012

Freek's website in a new outfitIn time for Fakuma in autumn 2012 our new homepage has gone online. The contents are now laid out more clearly and modern. Click into it and convince yourself.

Holiday 2012 - 23.05.2012

Holiday 2012In 2012 there will be some bank holidays which invite to build the "bridge"; which we happily accept.

Freek in Heatworks magazine, January 2012 - 20.02.2012

Freek in Heatworks magazine, January 2012As reported before our Irish cooperation partner for infrared heating technology, Ceramicx Ireland, regularly publishes a magazine named "Heatworks".

Freek @ NPE2012 - 06.02.2012

Freek @ NPE2012The exhibition will take place from 02. April to 05. April 2012. Freek will be present on the booth of our partner company Thermetic Products Inc. during the whole period to show their products on the American market.


Freek in Heatworks magazine - 17.11.2011

Freek in Heatworks magazineOur Irish cooperation partner for infrared heating technology, Ceramicx Ireland, regularly publishes a magazine named "Heatworks". It reports about backgrounds and new developments regarding infrared technology. Furthermore, case studies are discussed and news of resp. about distributors are published.

Freek at EFI-report 2011 - 09.03.2011

Freek at EFI-report 2011On 23. February 2011 the fourth report of the expert committee Research and Innovation ( has been handed over to the German Federal Government. Freek is one of two company examples which show that it makes sense to include small and medium-sized companies into innovation- and sponsor related policy considerations as well. For even without doing fundamental, applied or experimental research, these companies achieve considerable innovation success and thus hold economically important productivity potentials.

Holiday 2011 - 08.03.2011

Holiday 2011It is nice to plan holidays and to look forward to some days off. We would like to share this with you! In 2011 we will "build" three bridges: 3. June (after Ascension Day), 24. June (after Corpus Christi) and 31. October (before All Saints' Day). Our company will be closed on these days.

Freek achieves 2008 level - 11.01.2011

Freek achieves 2008 levelSwitch over to turbo mode following K show. The 2010 sales target was again exceeded by a wide margin, despite its directors having made two further upward adjustments to the defined goals and objectives. The effects of the K show were so unpredictably strong that, in the end, sales figures even exceeded the record achieved in 2008.

Freek at Hannover Messe 2011 - 10.01.2011

Freek at Hannover Messe 2011A premiere: in April 2011, Freek will be present at the Hannover Messe for the first time. Together with our cooperation partners, the Fraunhofer IWU in Dresden and the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we will be there for you in hall 2, stand D18 during these days.


Freek & EH agree strategic expansion of cooperation for cartridge heaters - 14.12.2010

Freek & EH agree strategic expansion of cooperation for cartridge heatersThere could not have been a more suitable setting for the strategic expansion of their cooperation in the electric cartridge heaters sector. On the very day of the 20th anniversary of Euroheat s.r.l. the CEOs and representatives of both companies signed the expanded cooperation agreement. The agreement means that, with the support of Euroheat, Freek will immediately begin construction on two production lines - one for the complete production of square cartridge heaters and one for the final assembly of cylindrical cartridge heaters.

60 years Freek - 19.06.2010

60 years FreekWilhelm Kaiser initiated change of generations on time / Celebration with many international guests

The Freek-Team presents itself - 16.04.2010

The Freek-Team presents itselfFreek is often mixed up with Freak. We take this with humour. As you will see, we are a little bit freaky, but (or because) we all work for Freek. Here we would like to introduce ourselves with all our freaky facets.

Holiday 2010 - 16.03.2010

Holiday 2010As every year we will use convenient holidays to close the company for bridge days. This will be the case on 14. May, Friday after Ascension Day, and on 4. June, Friday after Corpus Christi. On 18. June we can only offer a limited service for our customers as we will celebrate Freek's 60. anniversary.

Freek at the K-show 2010 - It's K time! - 01.02.2010

Freek at the K-show 2010. Visit us in Hall 11, Stand A01.

Supplier of the Year 2009 - 20.01.2010

Supplier of the Year 2009In order to live up to our dictum of a cooperative intercourse with our suppliers, we have again awarded the inofficial title "Supplier of the Year".


Fakuma 2009 - Press Release - 01.09.2009

Fakuma 2009 - Press ReleaseThe German-based producer of heating elements announced in the run up to this year's Fakuma (Hall A2 2206) further innovative all in solutions for nozzle heating.

Fakuma 2009 - 13.08.2009

Fakuma 2009This year the Fakuma invites visitors and exhibitors to Friedrichshafen for the 20. time. Naturally, we will also show our broad product range to our customers and interested persons on one of the biggest fairs of the plastic industry.

Freek @ NPE2009 - 27.04.2009

Freek @ NPE2009The NPE in Chicago is the largest exhibition in the USA for plastics industry. 2,000 exhibitors and 75,000 professionals from 120 countries will use the exhibition to make business deals and learn more about new technologies and suppliers.

Closure for summer holidays in 2009 - 21.04.2009

Closure for summer holidays in 2009A tradition of which we are very fond, is to use the holidays in May and June for a long week-end. Also this year, our company is closed on 22. May and 12. June.

Supplier of the Year 2008 - 15.01.2009

Supplier of the Year 2008For the first time we have awarded the inofficial title "Supplier of the Year". Born from a hoax is the idea to praise especially dedicated suppliers to cooperate with Freek in a for both parties constructive and advancing way.


No closure for summer holidays in 2008 - 14.05.2008

No closure for summer holidays in 2008A tradition of which we are very fond, is to use the holidays in May and June for a long week-end. Also this year, our company is closed on 2. May and 23.May.

Euroheat with a "new look" - 02.03.2008

Euroheat with a new lookThe management and employees at Freek congratulate their partner of many years, the company Euroheat s.r.l. in Turin on the successful relocation to new spacious premises at Corso Lombardia 50, 10099 San Mauro Torinese (TO).


Dedication to Simple Production in Germany - 30.11.2007

Dedication to Simple Production in GermanyFreek welcomes participants of LEAN-Project.

New Milestone for Job-Project - 29.11.2007

New Milestone for Job-ProjectAt the invitation of the Menden-based company Friedrich Freek representatives of the universtities Dortmund and Bochum as well as four industrial companies are visiting Menden.

Freek: New Hall and a Patent - 21.11.2007

Freek: New Hall and a PatentProducer of heating elements continues writing its success story. Additional jobs at the site until end of 2008.

Small marvels - 21.11.2007

Small marvelsAt Freek heating elements are pulled into smallest wires - but traditional products have kept their place beside high-tech

Growing with the Internet - 21.11.2007

Growing with the InternetFreek GmbH made competitors allies with EUCOPET - at the same time the major customers are in the region (Sauerland) Symposium for Lean

Experts for niches - 27.10.2007

Experts for nichesFreek keeps out of high-volume business. Record turnover in 2007.

K 2007 - Press Release - Products and More - 01.10.2007

K 2007 - Press Release - Products and MoreHeating Elements - Products and More

K 2007 - Press Release - Friedr. Freek GmbH - 01.10.2007

K 2007 - Press Release - Friedr. Freek GmbHHeating Elements - Innovative Mounting Systems.

Commitment is more important than school marks - 09.05.2007

Commitment is more important than school marksFreek looks for young and motivated people for a technical training.

This Year A Second Floor - 07.05.2007

This Year A Second FloorFriedrich Freek GmbH expands.

Success with simple standard products - 16.03.2007

Success with simple standard productsAppropriate structures allow production of simple products in Germany.