Tubular Heaters

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Tubular heaters are used for almost every kind of heating appliances. They are easy to form and feature highest mechanic stability and electric properties at the same time. Even though tubular heaters are technically rather mature and universal to use, there exist various new innovative solutions for many applications. Thus flexible tubular heaters (see chapter Flexible Tubular Heaters) have developed to be a new industry standard for the use in heating platens, welding bars and manifolds. Screw in tubular heaters are standardised for use in liquids like water. Finned tubular heaters are especially for air-heating-cabinets or tunnels.

Tubular Heaters

Flexible Tubular Heaters

Square stainless steel tubular heaters BASE-flex (1.4541) are a reliable industry standard for the use in heating platens and manifolds.

In contrast to traditional tubular heaters with a round section which have to be bent by machines, square BASE-flex can be fitted into any rectangular groove with simple hand tools. Moreover, the square shape results in a bigger heat emitting area of up to 80% compared with a corresponding round section. Finally, the easy manual mounting saves the usually high technical expenditure for casting-in / soldering / cementing of bent round tubular heaters.

A soft version of the BASE-flex, the NICKEL-flex (2.4068) is available as special execution. Due to the soft, easy to form nickel material, the NICKEL-flex is suitable for manual mounting with hand tools in round sections, too. Furthermore, Nickel has a better capability to conduct heat compared with stainless steel.

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Round Tubular Heaters

Round Tubular Heaters can be manufactured depending on the diameter in lengths up to 6900 mm. They can be delivered straight, bentable annealed or to bent according to customer's drawings. Round Tubular heaters are specially for air and fluid heating. In application where the required watt density is not high they can be installed also in plates by pressing.

In air- or fluidheating application the heater is often assembled with a hexagon fitting pressed or welded on the tube near the electrical connection. This is used for fixing and sealing functions. To calculate the watt density in air/fluid heating application the important information are air/fluid speed and required outlet temperature and control process.

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Screw in Tubular Heater

Screw in Tubular Heaters are the standard solution for all heating processes with liquids or gas. The heater is installed in a tank or a tube system by the G1½" screw fitting. The IP54 connection head, fitting and tubular heater consists of stainless steel. The tube sheath material 2.4858 is resistant to sulphite, phosphors and hydrochloride media.

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Finned Heaters

Finned Tubular Heaters are the ideal solution for air or gas flow heating processes. The ribs enlarge the heat-releasing surface significantly. Basis of the finned tubular heaters are our 8.5 mm tubular heaters. The outer diameter of the fins is 28 mm. The elements can be delivered straight, U-shaped or circular (special design on request). Tubular heater as well as fins are made of stainless steel, the standard for the tube is 1.4828, the fins are normally made of 1.4301 (1.4571 on request).

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Cast-in Heaters for the packaging industry

Cast heaters with cast-in tubular heating elements have been manufactured by our partner company Amarc srl near Milan for over 20 years. Freek has been producing electric heating elements for over 70 years and has a large customer base in the plastics and packaging industry.

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Service (User Manual)

Here you can see the user manual for our tubular heaters...

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  • Chapter Tubular Heaters
    Chapter Tubular Heaters

    Many sections, many lengths: Long-living heating elements for the use in air or tools. We can supply many different shapes, lengths and wattages with the option to be bent by yourselves.

  • Flyer Tubular Heaters 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm
    Flyer Tubular Heaters 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm

    Download our leaflet to our tubular heaters with the dimensions 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm