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Round Tubular Heaters Round Tubular Heaters can be manufactured depending on the diameter in lengths up to 6900 mm. They can be delivered straight, bentable annealed or to bent according to customer's drawings. Round Tubular heaters are specially for air and fluid heating. In application where the required watt density is not high they can be installed also in plates by pressing.

Installation demonstration of flexible tubular heaters from Freek
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In air- or fluidheating application the heater is often assembled with a hexagon fitting pressed or welded on the tube near the electrical connection. This is used for fixing and sealing functions. To calculate the watt density in air/fluid heating application the important information are air/fluid speed and required outlet temperature and control process.

Available dimensions and materials

  • ● 5,0 mm (1.4541 / 2.4068 )
  • (min. length: 250 mm / max length: 1000 mm)
  • ● 6,5 mm (1.4404 / 1.4828 / 2.4068)
  • (min. length: 330 mm / max length: 3000 mm)
  • ● 8,5 mm (1.4404 / 1.4571 / 1.4828 / 1.4876 / 2.4068 / 2.4858)
  • (min. length: 330 mm / max length: 4500 mm)
  • ● 10 mm (1.4304 / 1.4541)
  • (min. length: 330 mm / max length: 6900 mm)


  • Screw-in nipple M12 x 1,0 in brass
  • Screw-in nipple M14 x 1,5 in stainless steel


  • Terminal pin
  • Ceramic connector
  • Blade terminal 6,3 mm
  • Blade terminal with M4-screw bracket
  • Threaded pin
  • Threaded pin with nut and washes
  • Leads


  • Chapter Tubular Heaters
    Chapter Tubular Heaters

    Many sections, many lengths: Long-living heating elements for the use in air or tools. We can supply many different shapes, lengths and wattages with the option to be bent by yourselves.

  • Flyer Tubular Heaters 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm
    Flyer Tubular Heaters 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm

    Download our leaflet to our tubular heaters with the dimensions 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm

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