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Low Voltage Cartridge Heaters Low voltage cartridge heaters are unipolar elements in which the heating coil (NiCr 80/20) lies embedded in high compacted MgO co-axial to the sheath. On one side it is connected with the lead, on the other side with the bottom disc.

Standard leads: 500 mm fibre glass insulated nickel leads

24 V
Vmin = 6 V; Vmax = 48 V
Larger diameters and / or threaded pin on request

40 60 15
100 25
50 60 11
100 18
60 80 11
125 17
70 80 10
125 15
80 100 11
160 17
100 100 8
160 13
130 125 7
200 12

also have a look at our flyer "Xtreme small"


  • Flyer Xtreme small
    Flyer Xtreme small

    Our "Xtreme small" heating elements set standards in the field of micro injection moulding and micro applications for electric process heat in general.

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