Aquecedores de cartucho

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Cartridge heaters are reasonably priced, robust and easy to install. As a rule they consist of a cylindrical stainless steel tube and thus provide a high corrosion prevention. There is a heating wire inside which is wound onto a ceramic core. The number of coils varies depending on the power. In order to avoid a short-circuit, the cartridge heater is filled with magnesium oxide and compressed afterwards. Highly compacted they reach a surface watt density of up to 50 W/cm² and withstand highest stress.

In the plastics industry cartridge heaters are used in hot runners in order to temper thermoplasts during injection moulding processes. Other areas of applications for process heat are e. g. diecasting or continuous casting in which zinc or aluminium are processed. Further applications are to be found in mechanical as well as medical and laboratory engineering.

Apart from our broad standard range we also develop and manufacture cartridge heaters according to your special demands.

Occasionally also these terms are used for cartridge heates: heating cartridge, insertion heaters, spiral cartridge heaters.

Cartridge Heaters

Aquecedores de cartucho de alta densidade

High density cartridge heaters distinguish themselves by their high compression and therefore especially efficient heat emission. That's why we produce them with a ground surface for a H7 fit...

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Opções para aquecedores de cartucho

Following options (if required) are to be specified in inquiry and order: Thermosensors, Connection, Termination, Protection sleeve, Differential power, ...

Aquecedores de Cartucho de Média Densidade (Aquecedores de Cartucho Espiral)

Medium-density cartridge heaters produce their energy with a heating coil which is lead through hole ceramics. They are specially suitable for applications where no high surface watt density is needed (max. 15 W/cm² » see formula) or very long cartridge heaters are required...

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Aquecedores de cartucho de baixa tensão

Low voltage cartridge heaters are unipolar elements in which the heating coil (NiCr 80/20) lies embedded in high compacted MgO co-axial to the sheath. On one side it is connected with the lead, on the other side with the bottom disc (earthing)...

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Aquecedores de cartucho quadrado

Square cartridge heaters are used where much power has to be installed near the surface of a tool, e.g. in cutting knives, sealing stations or hot plates. The cartridge heaters can easily be pressed into a rectangular groove...

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Placas de aquecimento e superfícies quentes

Square Cartridge Heaters are perfectly suited for very thin plates. With a soft, malleable condition in stainless steel or nickel sheath they can be pressed into common milled grooves. In standard construction the max. temperature capability is 750°C. All sizes also available with integrated thermocouple and power distribution...

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Serviço (Manual do Usuário)

Here you can see the user manual for our cartridge heaters...

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  • Flyer Xtreme small
    Flyer Xtreme small

    Our "Xtreme small" heating elements set standards in the field of micro injection moulding and micro applications for electric process heat in general.