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  • Cartridge Heatersdownload pdfCartridge Heaters

    High power, little space: Contact heating of tools and machine parts. We make cartridge heaters from diameter 4 up to 31.8 mm in an unlimited number of styles.

  • HotMicroCoil Heating Elementsdownload pdfHotMicroCoil Heating Elements

    Precise power distribution, flexible design: Nozzle heaters mainly for the plastic industry. We produce HotMicroCoils according to your specifications, including dimensions, winding pattern and power.

  • Infrared Heatersdownload pdfInfrared Heaters

    Contact free heating, various wave lengths: Direct heating of materials and surfaces. We offer a huge standard range for every type of infrared radiation in different models.

  • Tubular Heatersdownload pdfTubular Heaters

    Many sections, many lengths: Long-living heating elements for the use in air or tools. We can supply many different shapes, lengths and wattages with the option to be bent by yourselves.

  • Heating Bandsdownload pdfHeating Bands

    High power, big flexibility: Heating of tubes and cylinders. We have the right type to meet your requirements with different models and materials suitable for your application.

  • Thermo Sensorsdownload pdfThermo Sensors

    Various sensor shapes, exact measuring: Measurement of temperature in controlled heat processes. We deliver the appropriate sensor for your applications from our standard range or according to your demands.

  • Controllersdownload pdfControllers

    Easy handling, quick control: The universal supplement to our heating elements: We show how a good controlling performance can be joined with an optimised choice of functions and an easy handling.

  • Flat Heating Elementsdownload pdfFlat Heating Elements

    Multifunctional use, uniform heating: Contact heating of flat surfaces. We manufacture flat heating elements in several materials, customised to your application.

  • Open Wire Heating Elementsdownload pdfOpen Wire Heating Elements

    Effective air flow heating, variable designs: The best way to heat airflow, as seen in automatic devices or tumble dryers. We produce adapted heating elements for your fans or, when required, with fan.

  • Accessoriesdownload pdfAccessories

    Small quantities, perfect supplement: It's not just the heaters that count - everything around does, too. We supply connection components and accessories in order to optimise the use of our heating elements.

  • download pdf

    Download our complete product catalogue here.

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  • Freek Product Flyerdownload pdfReally hot! Our Product Flyer.

  • Xtreme small - miniaturizing and Xtreme design of heating solutionsdownload pdfXtreme small - miniaturizing and Xtreme design of heating solutions

    Our "Xtreme small" heating elements set standards in the field of micro injection moulding and micro applications for electric process heat in general.

  • Xtreme small - miniaturizing and Xtreme design of heating solutionsdownload pdfXtreme small - miniaturizing and Xtreme design of heating solutions

    Freek 这个名字虽然听起来让人发笑(音同:freak,含畸形怪诞之意), 但却在行业内部赫赫有名. 它作为过程加热解决方案的专家,尤其擅长微型加热器的设计和生产. Freek 的 Xtreme small 加热器为微型注塑领域和一般性的小型过程电热应用领域竖立起新的标杆.

  • Square Cartridge Heaters for Heating Plates & Hot Surfacesdownload pdfSquare Cartridge Heaters for Heating Plates & Hot Surfaces

    For high power density at low mass.
    Square Cartridge Heaters are perfectly suited for very thin plates. With a soft, malleable condition in stainless steel or nickel sheath they can be pressed into common milled grooves. In standard construction the max. temperature capability is 750°C. All sizes also available with integrated thermocouple and power distribution.

  • Spare part cross-reference listdownload pdfSpare part cross-reference list

    Spare Heaters suitable for hotrunner nozzles of familiar OEMs (Husky, Kortec, SIG, ...).

  • Sheath thermocouples for the plastics industry with cast connection headdownload pdfSheath thermocouples for the plastics industry with cast connection head

    Sheath thermocouples with Kapton connector cable and a cast connection head capable of withstanding high temperatures: an 'Xtreme' version designed for the most demanding conditions in temperature measurement for nozzles and hot runner systems.

  • 用于塑料行业的护套热电偶,具有铸造的连接头download pdf用于塑料行业的护套热电偶,具有铸造的连接头

    护套热电偶具有 Kapton 连接导线和一个耐高温的铸造接头:"Xtreme"规格,能够承受对喷嘴和热流道系统进行温度测量时的高负荷。

  • Flyer Tubular Heaters 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mmdownload pdfFlyer Tubular Heaters 3 x 3 mm / Ø 3,3 mm

    For further details please check our product chapters HotMicroCoil Heating Elements and Tubular Heaters

  • Flyer Hand held devicesdownload pdfFlyer Hand held devices

    General purpose infrared thermometer for standard applications

  • Silicone Heater Matsdownload pdfFlyer Silicone Heater Mats

    Flexible heating elements made from silicone or Kapton insulation are thin and lightweight so can be installed where space is limited, and due to their low mass they have a fast response to temperature control. The self-adhesive foil option allows for a quick and uncomplicated fixing. The operating temperatures range from -60°C to 200°C. (180°C With adhesive backing).

  • Brochure of our Drum and Container Heatersdownload pdfBrochure of our Drum and Container Heaters

    Heat up your drums and container with our heating elements. With us you will find the right solution both for standard containers and for individual applications.


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Cartrdige Heaters

HotMicroCoil Heating Elements

Infrared Heaters

Heating Bands


Flat Heating Elements

Drum Heaters and Container Heaters

Open Wire Heating Elements

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  • Feel the heat @ Freek - Video (3min)Video ansehenFeel the heat @ Freek - Video (3min)

    Year of production 2013

    Friedrich Freek GmbH is a family business with its registered head office in Menden, Sauerland, Germany; the company operates worldwide. We develop, produce, and sell electric heating elements for industrial applications; when it comes to heating operations in the plastics industry our products really set the standard. We have a global reputation as specialists in process heat technology; ever since 1950 we have been providing reliable, top-quality products "Made in Germany" from a single source. Freek supplies heating elements to numerous reputed manufacturers and market leaders in all sectors - both the traditional and the young and expanding. Our customers are not only from plastics and packaging industries but also companies involved in medical and laboratory equipment, air-conditioning, canteen kitchens, solar and wind energy, aviation and aerospace.

    Today our core business is the production of highly innovative HotMicroCoils - often used as electric nozzle heating elements for hot runners in injection moulding. But our product spectrum is much broader than that - offering customers all sorts of industrial-standard heating elements. This does not only include HotMicroCoils but also a wide range of heating elements - tubular heaters, cartridge heaters, infrared heaters, flat heating elements, foil heaters, and air heaters, and also the complete range of measuring and controlling technology. With our intelligent value-added system, our flexible machines, our innovative product and production concepts, and our various specialist competences Freek now serves more than 1000 customers worldwide every year.

    All this could not be achieved without our highly motivated staff. They make all the difference! They sustain our tried and tested quick response system. For our customers that means short delivery times and maximum flexibility.

    Freek stands above all for sustained growth through innovation. We develop new ideas - ideally in co-operation with our customers and our many international partners and with the support of numerous scientists - also within the framework of joint research projects under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

    "We offer innovative solutions, customized for your application in plastics and packaging technology and wherever electric process heat determines product quality and process speed."
    Stefan Kaiser, Managing Director Friedr. Freek GmbH

    "Our competent employees are at your service. This is what you can rely on."
    Wolfgang Kaiser, Managing Director Friedr. Freek GmbH

  • A normal working day at Friedr. Freek watch trailer watch movie A normal working day at Friedr. Freek (24 min / Trailer: 3 min)

    Year of production 2010

    The idea of our Freek movie goes back onto our LEAN project, in which we established until the beginning of year 2008 a comprehensive business model for the manufacture of our simple standard heating elements. At that time the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) assigned the Berlin filmmaker Renate Teucher to produce a film documentation about the project results.

    This was how we happened to achieve the first edition of our Freek movie. And the first edition could have easily been the current one if not the upcoming world economic crises would have reversed economic realities completely. So the words at the film's ending "... The order books are full and Freek is once more expanding" sounded somewhat misplaced and could impossibly be left. This is how it came we approached Mrs. Teucher just one year later to produce an updated edition of the movie.

    The result received its premier at the occasion of the company's 60th anniversary in June 2010. And due to the overwhelming positive resonance from our guests we decided to have a short trailer (3 min) besides the more essential but longer documentation, too. We would be pleased if you like our Freek movies, and thank you in advance for any comments.

  • Milestones company imagewatch videoMilestones company image (2 min)

    Year of production 2002

    Original extract from

    Category: Turnaround, Group: medium-sized and small enterprises

    Friedr. Freek GmbH, Menden: impressive market success by horizontal co-operation

    Founded in 1950 in Menden as a single enterprise and converted into a Ltd. company in 1970, today Freek manufactures and distributes with 45 employees electric heating elements and heating systems for industrial and household appliances. The turnover in 2001 exceeded 5 million Euro.

    As a typical subcontractor, specialized in niches, Friedr. Freek GmbH was confronted by considerable problems in the nineties: concentration on customers' side resulting in demands for price reduction, a larger performance spectrum and increased quality standards pressed the company hard. The dependance from the stagnating 'white ware' industry and missing monopoly characteristics led to a 34% decline in business from 1993 to 1996.

    As a way out the management looked for an intensified co-operation with other small enterprises with a similar need of action. Yet, merger and acquisition were ruled out. In 1997 Freek initiated the horizontal R&D co-operation EUCOPET, which is meanwhile joined by five carefully selected international partner companies. Main target was the mutual completion of resources and abilities, especially for joint Research & Development followed by the promotion of innovation power and the orientation towards export markets. The co-operation proved to be most successful. New products became money-spinner, among them heating elements for hand and hair dryers. With this example Freek and its co-operation allies showed that it is possible, with intelligent value adding concepts, to produce even Low-Tech-products in highly industrialized markets profitably. A Million-order deal for Infrared-heaters followed.

    The intensive exchange in all relevant technological and organisational matters as well as the exploitation of synergy effects paid for all parties involved. Apart from new products, lasting process improvements in administration and production have been achieved. Together with extensive marketing all partners achieved visible improvements in turnover and outcome. Since the foundation of EUCOPET Freek celebrates great sales successes. The export rate "jumped" almost from a "standing position" up to 35%, upward tendency. The number of customers increased tenfold. From 1997 to 2000 the turnover grew by more than 130%. All co-operation partners succeeded in catching up with the sector's world-wide market leaders and partially even in overtaking them . Already in 1999 awarded as a particularly innovative company by the initiative TOP100 NRW, Freek offers a large part of its gained co-operation know-how in seminars and publications to other interested parties.

  • EUCOPET in Europamagazin of ARDwatch videoEUCOPET in Europamagazin of ARD (6 min)

    Year of production 2000

    The successes of our co-operation caused the First German TV Station (ARD) to produce a 7-minute report about EUCOPET. After the first shootings at Freek's 50th anniversary in May 2000, they went to Ceramicx in Ireland and finally a second time to Freek. With such exact investigations it is not surprising that ARD-reporter Michaela May succeeded with her report an entertaining and apt portray of EUCOPET. The report was telecast in the programme "Europamagazin" on Saturday, 02. December 2000, 16:35h.

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  • Keen on new things. Freek portrait in INFORM 01/19; page 20-24 - customer magazine of Otto Hofstetter AGdownload pdfFreek portrait in customer magazine of Otto Hofstetter AG

    Keen on new things.
    In: INFORM 01/19, page 20-24 (customer magazine of Otto Hofstetter AG)

  • Handelsblatt Freek-Portraitdownload pdfHandelsblatt Freek-Portrait

    Gute Partnerwahl schützt vor Enttäuschung
    Reich, Ingo. In: Handelsblatt, 25.02.02/Nr. 39, Seite T11

  • TOP 100 Freek-Portraitdownload pdfTOP 100 Freek-Portrait

  • Cooperation beats competition in R&Ddownload pdfCo-operation beats competition in R&D.

    EUREKA Promotion Sheet for the EUCOPET presentation on Hannover fair 1999.

  • Cooperation beats competitiondownload pdfCooperation beats competition

    EUCOPET project profile, published in EUREKA`s "BEST PRACTICE EXAMPLES"-section on


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  • Jahresbericht 2010download pdfJahresbericht 2010

    Produktionsforschung 2020
    Institut für Produktionsmanagement, Technologie und Werkzeugmaschinen
    Technische Universität Darmstadt - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Abele

  • www.eureka.beWebseite (success story Eucopet)

    Facts and figures regarding EUCOPET out of the EUREKA project file

  • www.kooperationswissen.deWebseite

  • Der Betriebsleiterdownload pdfDer Betriebsleiter

    Gemeinsam sind sie stark - ERP-Software vernetzt Kooperationspartner. In: Der Betriebsleiter, 17.06.2002, Seite 36-37

  • Handelsblatt Freek-Portraitdownload pdfHandelsblatt Freek-Portrait

    Gute Partnerwahl schützt vor Enttäuschung
    Reich, Ingo. In: Handelsblatt, 25.02.02/Nr. 39, Seite T11

  • iemdownload pdfiem

    The magazine "Industry & European Market" (iem) reports in its issue from 07.11.2001 about the cooperation between the Swedish drier-producer Asko Cylinda AB and Freek (page 82/83).

  • FACTORY EUCOPET - Kooperation unter Konkurrentendownload pdfFACTORY EUCOPET - Kooperation unter Konkurrenten

    In: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (Hrsg.): 15 Jahre EUREKA. BMBF - Referat für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Bonn, Nov 2000.

  • Scopedownload pdfSCOPE

    "Dornenreicher Weg" - Räumliche Distanz sichert Kooperationserfolge im Mittelstand. Kaiser, Stefan. In: SCOPE 9/2000, Seite 6

  • Kooperation schafft neue Arbeitsplätzedownload pdfKooperation schafft neue Arbeitsplätze

    In EUREKA-News 47, Juni 2000, Seite 6

  • TOP 100 NRWWebseite besuchenTOP 100 NRW; 2000 (ISBN 3-930019-07-9)

    Hundert innovative Unternehmen schaffen Perspektiven für NRW. Bantle, Frank; Pröbstl, Bernd; Schuble, Joachim (Hrsg.): Schlaumeier Medien GmbH, Stuttgart, 1999



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  • Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015 download pdf Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015

    Download our Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015.

  • RoHS Restrictiondownload pdfRoHS Restriction

    Download our RoHS Restriction here.

  • Statement of REACHdownload pdfStatement of REACH

    Download our statement of REACH here.

  • Quality Policy of Friedr. Freek GmbH download pdf Quality Policy of Friedr. Freek GmbH

    Download our Quality Policy here.



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