Nuestra organización

The way we see ourselves

Our Organization Of course our self image is a methaphor: Analogous to an organic cell there is the nucleus with different cell sectors, which represent the several departments in our company. The outer "sectors" such as marketing, development and purchase are in direct contact with our customers and suppliers and are supported by our partners, distributors and representatives.

The aim is clear: With our cell model we want to underline, that

  • we are defined through our partners and markets and do not see, ourselves as an "isolated something"
  • and
  • we are part of a whole thing and this is the reason why we function only together.

Interface management

Interfaces in the flow of information and in the value adding are sources of misunderstandings,mistakes and long production times. For this reason we try, wherever possible, to avoid interfaces.It succeeds because of wide-spread scope of duties in conjunction with consequent personnel development.

This is the reason why you get and keep in touch at Freek with just two enduringly assigned persons from your very first contact on.

Unavoidable interfaces, i. e. to purchase or to the production are made securely passable in both directions by organizational measures. Among other things we have introduced regular team meetings and implemented exactly suiting IT information systems that support all our business procedures from data capture to data processing up to digital data archiving. By doing so core data and business transactions are most transparent, manifoldly interconnected and at any time easily trackable.

Flat hierarchy

At Freek there are only two disciplinary hierarchy levels, the director`s one and the level below. Except for the production we have inserted our production manager as a disciplinary superior. There are no fixed executive positions or status symbols. And they are not missed by anyone, because we have enough opportunities to distinguish ourselves in daily business as well as project work.

Orientation towards the employees

Nothing is as certain as the change. And it takes place faster and faster. Therefore we completely rely on motivated and qualified employees who take up the challenge of a life-time learning and want to keep pace with the change. These employees are our biggest capital. They deserve to be heard and to act in an intact organizational environment, which comes up to their individual needs. Only satisfied employees produce satisfied customers. For this reason Freek establishes highest priorities for internal trainings, dynamic and differential forms of work organization as well as incentives of all kinds.

Project management

Turbulent economic surroundings force companies to ever faster adjustment. What used to be successful and correct in the past, could nowadays lead to ruin soon. That`s why business and value adding processes have repeatedly to be questioned in ever shorter intervals. To come up to this new challenge everybody at Freek participates in project work with the aim of adjusting the daily work to ever new frame conditions and thus making work easier. An internal service team helps to realize improvements. It is also available for system administration, trouble shooting and trainings.

Quality management

Quality management is not part of our organization, quality management is our organization. The QM procedures in our according to process-oriented DIN/ISO 9001 set-up QM system do not differ from our internally defined scope of processes, procedures and structures. We also use this division of the QM procedures to structure our projects as well as all organization-related EDP tools and data. Due to this structural harmony our QM system is understood and lived by us which we demonstrate with the reliable high quality of our products and services.

See also Quality Policy and Certificat DIN ISO 9001 : 2015 in our Downloadcenter > Quality.

Value adding networks

In times of proceeding economic concentration and networking lonesome "cowboy virtues" are no longer useful anymore. Especially the classic middle-class subcontractor has to reconsider its "way of doing business" if it wants keep its success and independence in this totally new environment. We have given our answer: This is cooperation, namely with value-added partners mostly at close range and former competitors who are our reliable partners today. This cooperation model EUCOPET we nourish and cherish as it keeps us busy and high-flying for more than 25 years now.

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