Research Project "Low2High"


In the crisis year 2009, Freek and its partners invested a great deal of time in the development of new and improved products. This gave rise to numerous new market opportunities, in particular in the field of innovative HotMicroCoil heating elements. The increased level of contact with high-tech customers has at the same time opened up interesting prospects for the simple standard heating element. Establishing these in demanding industrial applications by means of specific product development is also beneficial for high-tech customers. These must, after all, also be able to produce their products economically in order to sell them successfully. With ‘Process innovation at the customer interface to high-tech producers’, Freek thus further strategically developed its low-tech business model, designed in LEAN, within Low2High [12].


The driving force behind Low2High is the knowledge gained through LEAN, that help in compensating the unavoidable losses suffered in the low-tech household appliance industry would come, first and foremost, from the manufacturer of high-tech upmarket applications.

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Low2High Concept

Acceptance as a supplier of low-tech products for high-tech customers is heavily dependent on organisational compatibility. This means: creating organisational interfaces, modelling business procedures, training and qualifying employees.

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Record of Success

In previous years, with few exceptions, Freek has regularly achieved double-figure sales growth. Freek also plans to continue this rate of growth in the coming years; a fact clearly demonstrated with the completion of the building extension project in 2008. We are fully aware that this means achieving the goals set out in Low2High for promoting cooperation with high-tech partners.

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Project partners, Industry partners and Scientific partners...

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