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Low2High Concept


Acceptance as a supplier of low-tech products for high-tech customers is heavily dependent on organisational compatibility. This means: creating organisational interfaces, modelling business procedures, training and qualifying employees.

Owing to the current rate of growth, Freek has had once again to carry out a careful analysis of the interface management area within the company's organisation. When developing crucial interfaces and business processes the focus will be on ensuring that these support the exchange processes with high-tech partners, as well as on the innovation and adaptation of technologies.

Apart from the qualification of employees with professional training measures, including the development of skills and proficiency, there will be two further key roles in connection with high-tech partner cooperation: boundary spanner and process innovation manager.

In practice, boundary spanners are actually cooperation managers in that they monitor exchange relations and channel information. These people are the key to a properly functioning cooperation process, as they not only monitor it, they also influence it. Boundary spanners face a number of specific challenges: they resolve conflicts, ensure the smooth running of operations and create social relations between cooperating partners. If they are to perform their tasks well these key figures must be in possession of a number of special abilities and competences.

Numerous successful partnerships with different partners at all levels are proof that Freek already has some excellent boundary spanners in its ranks.

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