The route adopted in LEAN towards successful manufacturing and marketing of standard heating elements involves intelligent networking of the value creation process and thus cooperation in all directions and at all levels. At the same time, customers of standard heating elements are no longer manufacturers of hair-dryers, toasters or waffle irons seeking to win battles for discounts. They are rather manufactures of high-quality products and designer lines for more demanding applications or for professional use. Apart from manufacturers of household goods, recognised high-tech industries are increasingly among the customers for standard heating elements, including plastics machinery or medical engineering; even the automotive and the aerospace industries have applications for simple heating elements.

Finding, attracting and binding this demanding clientele to the company for the long term is the main economic benefit of Low2High, and will remain so long after the end of the project. Creating win-win situations and ultimately growing alongside our high-tech partners and their demanding tasks is the long-term objective that Freek seeks to achieve with Low2High.

Low2High Background

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