Modelo de negocio Lean


The causes of this unexpected development of simple standard heating elements resulted in a number of targeted measures being put together and allocated to one of five market positioning strategies.

In doing so, an integrated value creation strategy was used to spread the in- and inter-company value-adding process across several companies at optimal cost and with a flexibility bonus, as well as to participate in innovative high technologies without actually having to invest in them.

Low-budget production helps cut capital and resources, and relies instead on the development and performance potential of our employees in a custom-built production system. Key factors in this process are training and in-house qualification.

Lean Business Model

With niche orientation it is possible to increase success quotas of new customer acquisitions, as well as query and development processes; with customer orientation it is possible to bind customers in the long term, despite higher prices. Niche- and customer-orientation are trademarks that are determined primarily by employees, structures, processes and, last but not least, appropriate IT support in the firm.

The ultimate aim was to shape and keep Freek and its business processes as simple as possible. To this end, the KISS organisation (KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid), which we aim to achieve, is free of unnecessary complexity or extravagance. This results in quicker production and more cost-effective outcomes.

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