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MotivationFreek has been actively carrying out production research for the last 15 years. Their driving force has been the conviction that the production location Germany has two significant competitive advantages: an outstanding education system and an equally outstanding research environment. Freek has made best use of both these advantages and created a top team with its scientific partners.

The distinguishing features of this team are its high levels of cooperation and communication competency, the ability to work independently and take responsibility, and an intrinsic drive for innovation. The team enables us to cooperate successfully and lastingly both internally, as well as across cultural and state borders, and to subject our organisation and production to a process of dynamic change and continuing development.

See here what scientists are saying about Freek.

Because of is its success in the research field Freek is often asked to join panels of judges and think tanks. Thus, Freek was recently involved in the configuration of Production Research 2020, the future Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) framework programme.

Watch the intro to the new framework programme (including statement by Freek) here soon.

At the (PTKA) Karlsruhe Talks in March 2010 Freek was one of two examples of Best Practice used to illustrate the theme Corporate development – the future challenges of organisation and HR management.

You will find the programme of events here (own contribution on page 21)

Here pdf you will find the articles in full (own contribution on page 309)

On 23. February 2011 the fourth report of the expert committee Research and Innovation ( has been handed over to the German Federal Government. Freek is one of two company examples which show that it makes sense to include small and medium-sized companies into innovation- and sponsor related policy considerations as well. For even without doing fundamental, applied or experimental research, these companies achieve considerable innovation success and thus hold economically important productivity potentials.

Here you can find the EFI-report (own contribution on page 82)

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