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The drill hole must be appr. 0.2 mm bigger than the outer diametre of the sensor. It must be devoid of swarfs, dust and corrosion in order to ensure a good heat contact between material and sensor.

In order to achieve an ideal temperature measurement, the drill hole and thus the sensor should range as close as possible to the material to be measured.

When used in aggressive media, please pay attention to using of correspondigly resistant material of the thermocouple.

Extension of thermo leads is possible only with suitable materials. Otherwise wrong results may occur.

In every practice application there are working and environmental parameters which cannot be calculated exactly in theory. That is why we recommed generally to test our heating elements in the application under real working conditions before series use.

No warranty claims can be derived from these user instructions.


  • Chapter Thermo Sensors
    Chapter Thermo Sensors

    Various sensor shapes, exact measuring: Measurement of temperature in controlled heat processes. We deliver the appropriate sensor for your applications from our standard range or according to your demands.

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