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Calentadores Flexibles (hasta 200°C)

Which type is best suited for your application depends on various parameters. You can get an initial overview of the essential properties of our silicone, Kapton and polyester heaters here.

Resistencias Planas (más de 200°C)

Multifunctional use, uniform heating:
Contact heating of flat surfaces. We manufacture flat heating elements in several materials, customised to your application.

Calentadores tubulares

Many sections, many lengths:
Long-living heating elements for the use in air or tools. We can supply many different shapes, lengths and wattages with the option to be bent by yourselves.

Bandas de calentamiento

High power, big flexibility:
Heating of tubes and cylinders. We have the right type to meet your requirements with different models and materials suitable for your application.

Calentadores de barriles y calentadores de contenedores

According to the destined application we use polyester, silicone, teflon and glass fibre for our drum and container heaters. The following selection table brings you directly to the most suitable product for your needs on


Various sensor shapes, exact measuring:
Measurement of temperature in controlled heat processes. We deliver the appropriate sensor for your applications from our standard range or according to your demands.


Easy handling, quick control:
The universal supplement to our heating elements: We show how a good controlling performance can be joined with an optimised choice of functions and an easy handling.

Elementos calefactores de alambre abierto

Effective air flow heating, variable designs:
The best way to heat airflow, as seen in automatic devices or tumble dryers. We produce adapted heating elements for your fans or, when required, with fan.


Small quantities, perfect supplement:
It's not just the heaters that count - everything around does, too. We supply connection components and accessories in order to optimise the use of our heating elements.

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