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Appropriate air flow must be provided. Otherwise the heating wire could overheat which leads to a burn-off.

Depending on the environmental conditions dust and fibrous materials may clog the heating spiral which can lead to overheat and burn-off of the spiral.

As the open wires are live, a suitable protection must be provided on site.

Our heating elements are designed for being operated at defined voltages. Operation at higher voltages may reduce lifetime considerably or result in immediate failure (15% more voltage = 32% more power!).

In every practice application there are working and environmental parameters which cannot be calculated exactly in theory. That is why we recommed generally to test our heating elements in the application under real working conditions before series use.

No warranty claims can be derived from these user instructions.


  • Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements
    Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements

    Effective air flow heating, variable designs: The best way to heat airflow, as seen in automatic devices or tumble dryers. We produce adapted heating elements for your fans or, when required, with fan.

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