Elementos de aquecimento de fio aberto


Open wire heating elements are the best solution for air heating when used in fans. Because of our longlasting experience in this field, we can offer you a series construction in most cases. To use our open wire heating elements in air, the installation of a cut-out is necessary (heat accumulation). The connection is done by a plug at the element (Faston 4,8 or 6,3) or by a cord set.

Open Wire Heating Elements

Aquecedores para secadores de roupa (tipos de série e peças de reposição)

Heating elements for Laundry Dryers with air guide channel made of galvanised material for laundry dryers with ceramic spiral carrier stones, 2 steps at 230 V up to maximal 3000 W, available with different temperature limiting systems...

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Aquecedores para ventiladores de fluxo cruzado

These heaters for cross flow fans are available in two types. Type 1 has an open heating spiral supported by ceramic parts. Type 2 is made for use in higher airducts...

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Aquecedores para sopradores radiais potentes

These inoovative heaters were specially designed for the use with powerful blower units. Typical applications are professional hand and hair dryers...

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Cruzes de aquecimento e projetos especiais

Micanite Heating Crosses are designed for cylindric or conic air ducts and mostly used in combination with axial blowers. The spirals are often supported by internal fibre glass cords. Typical applications are hair dryers, whirlpool fans or hot air blowers...

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Serviço (Manual do Usuário)

Here you can see the user manual for our open wire heating elements...

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  • Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements
    Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements

    Effective air flow heating, variable designs: The best way to heat airflow, as seen in automatic devices or tumble dryers. We produce adapted heating elements for your fans or, when required, with fan.