Heaters for Powerful Radial Blowers


These inoovative heaters were specially designed for the use with powerful blower units. Typical applications are professional hand and hair dryers.

Heaters for Powerful Radial Blowers [1 / 3]

The convincing advantages:

  1. Extreme robustness by tight connection between heater band and mica support.
  2. High power at small dimensions provided by up to seven heating levels per unit.
  3. High efficiency by small grade of turbulences in airstream and low watt density at the heater.
  4. Low risk of dirt swirl pollution.
  5. Easy mounting directly to the blower or into the air duct.
  6. Including over-temperature protection with installed thermal cut-out and/or thermal fuse.


  • Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements
    Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements

    Effective air flow heating, variable designs: The best way to heat airflow, as seen in automatic devices or tumble dryers. We produce adapted heating elements for your fans or, when required, with fan.

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