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Model 1

Heaters for Cross Flow Fans model 1 These standard elements contain an open heating spiral supported by a ceramic unit (3 spirals). According to the safety standards, the spiral can be filled with a fibre glass cord. This cord hinders the heating spiral from being deformed at high impact or (in case of a break down) to get in contact with other metal parts.

  • Height of the air escape in mm: 36 (35), 31, 2
  • Length in mm: 84, 122, 182, 242, 302, 362, 424, 484
  • Fitting blowers: ebm-Papst: QLK 45, QLZ 06, QLD 6

Model 2

Heaters for Cross Flow Fans model 2 These heating elements with a higher ceramic unit (4 spirals) are made for use in higher airducts (less swirled). For safety reasons, a fibre glass cord can be filled in in this case, too.

  • Height of the air escape in mm: 48
  • Length in mm: 122, 182, 242, 302
  • Fitting blowers: ebm-Papst: QLN 65


  • Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements
    Chapter Open Wire Heating Elements

    Effective air flow heating, variable designs: The best way to heat airflow, as seen in automatic devices or tumble dryers. We produce adapted heating elements for your fans or, when required, with fan.

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