MicroCoils − Nozzle Heating Elements

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Owing to their small cross-sectional dimensions, MicroCoils are most often connected at both ends and do not permit the addition of a thermocouple. We prefer to use nickel as the sheath material here because it combines the best thermal conduction properties, high corrosion resistance and excellent deformation properties. To ensure that the standard 1000 mm PTFE-insulated connection cable can be positioned at one end, despite the standard two-ended connection of the element, in most cases the MicroCoil is formed into a hairpin shape and wound/laid in a bifilar (parallel) format. Our unformed MicroCoils are also supplied in the hairpin bend shape as standard.

The video shows the heating process of a MicroCoil Nozzle Heater.

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min. inside diameter 4 mm 6 mm 6 mm
1,0 x 1,6 mm 1,3 x 2,3 mm 1,4 x 2,4 mm
1,3 mm 1,8 mm 2,0 mm

Standard sizes
P at 230 V Total length straight (incl. cold length)
Ø 1,3 mm
1,0 x 1,6 mm*
Ø 1,8 mm
1,3 x 2,3 mm*
ub: 60 / 90 mm
* only coiled
Other types on request
100 W 420 mm -
120 W 470 mm -
125 W - 420 mm
140 W 520 mm -
150 W - 470 mm
160 W 620 mm -
175 W - 530 mm
200 W 720 mm 590 mm
240 W 820 mm -
250 W - 700 mm
280 W 920 mm -
300 W - 810 mm
320 W 1020 mm -
350 W - 920 mm
400 W 1220 mm -
450 W - 1140 mm
550 W - 1350 mm

MicroCoil Variants

Compact MicroCoils with single-ended connection

MicroCoils from Ø 1.8 mm or 1.3 x 2.3 mm are also available with the supply at one end (Compact type) for higher power densities. This allows the electrical power to be concentrated still further. Because of the confined space available and thus the extremely thin heating element wires, however, the power can only be increased proportionately to length for heated lengths of up to 600 mm.

Compact MicroCoils with single-ended connection

MicroCoils with complex winding geometries

The outstanding plasticity of our nickel MicroCoils enables us to achieve highly complex winding geometries - and not only for contact heating but also for convection-based air heating applications.

MicroCoils with complex winding geometries


  • Flyer Xtreme small
    Flyer Xtreme small

    Our "Xtreme small" heating elements set standards in the field of micro injection moulding and micro applications for electric process heat in general.

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