Motor Standstill Heaters (Nomex Band Heaters)


Motor standstill heaters (Nomex band heaters) are an inexpensive solution for applications where a flexible heating element with low power (max. 1 W/cm²) and for max. temperatures of 150 °C is required. Well-established applications are motor standstill heaters, in which the heating element is wound around the stator and glued with resin, and baby bottle heaters, in which the heater is stretched around the bottle as a band. The minimum width of the heating element is 12 mm with a maximum length of 1000 mm, bending radii of at least 15 mm are possible.

Motor Standstill Heaters (Nomex Band Heaters)
Motor Standstill Heaters (Nomex Band Heaters)
Nomex Band Heaters [1 / 3]
Technical Data Nomex Band Heaters
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temperature resistance 150 °C
recommended max. watt density 1 W/cm²
max. size 1000 x 100 mm
min. size 30 x 12 mm
min. height 1,3 mm
lot size from 1 piece
min. bend radius 15 mm
max. IP-rating -
self-adhesive foil possible no


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