Bandas Calefactoras Cerámicas KERAPLAST


KERAPLAST Ceramic Heating Band KERAPLAST band heaters are designed for heating processes wherea high surface load up to max. 8 W/cm² is demand just as higher working temperatures over 280 °C. The connection could be made by lead from inside or by a terminal box at the element.

KERAPLAST Ceramic Heating Band When ordering KERAPLAST, please quote the following data:

  • Diameter D
  • Length L
  • Feeding voltage
  • Power
  • Cable outlet direction (1-2-3-4)
  • Cable length in mm

Details for holes:

  • Position in degree, distances in R
  • diameter F

Technical data:

  • Casing stainless steel AISI 304 shield
  • Specific power 4-8 W/cm²
  • Working temperature > 280 °C
  • Length L 22 - 501 mm
  • Diameter more than 70 mm
(No warranty claims can be derived from this table) 


  • Chapter Heating Bands
    Chapter Heating Bands

    High power, big flexibility: Heating of tubes and cylinders. We have the right type to meet your requirements with different models and materials suitable for your application.

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