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Uneven contact of the heater to the surface may lead to hot spots. It is important that the produced heat can flow off. Conducting the heat is only possible with an ideal contact to the object to be heated. Micanite heaters must be pressed with a counter plate. Insulation should be made after the pressure plate.

Poor contact leads to partial overheat on the heating wire. Thus the insulation is damaged and a flashover may occur. The overstrained heating wire embrittles, breaks or burns out.

The max. working temperature given in the catalogue must not be exceeded.

Our heating elements are designed for being operated at defined voltages. Operation at higher voltages may reduce lifetime considerably or result in immediate failure (15% more voltage = 32% more power!).

When silicone mats are made in etched foil, i. e. the heating wire consists of a thin foil, they should be moved only rarely.

Care should be taken not to bend, crease or fold the elements.

For self-adhesive foil:

  • Ensure surface to be heated is clean, dry and free of grease.
  • Mat must stick to the surface evenly and without any bubbles.
  • Once mat is installed it cannot be re-applied.

In every practice application there are working and environmental parameters which cannot be calculated exactly in theory. That is why we recommed generally to test our flat heating elements in the application under real working conditions before series use.


  • Chapter Flat Heating Elements
    Chapter Flat Heating Elements

    Multifunctional use, uniform heating: Contact heating of flat surfaces. We manufacture flat heating elements in several materials, customised to your application.

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