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Flat Heating Elements are used wherever a flat side has to be heated symmetrically and effectively. Constructed of winded heating wire and two shifts of insulation, custom-made adaption to nearly any surface dimension is possible. Simultaneously an optimal heat allocation over the heated flat side is achieved. Working temperatures up to 450 °C (exceptions up to 600 °C) and surface load up to 5 W/cm² are possible at optimal heat transition.

Flat Heating Elements
Technical data
  Silicone Kapton Polyester Micanite Phlogopit
(No warranty claims can be derived from this table)
Continuous temperature resistance 200 °C 200 °C 90 °C 350 °C 450 °C
Short term temperature resistance 230 °C 200 °C 100 °C 700 °C 900 °C
Recommended max. watt density 0,8 W/cm² 0,8 W/cm² 0,2 W/cm² 4,0 W/cm² 5,0 W/cm²
Power tolerance +5 / -10% +5 / -10% +/-10% +5 / -5% +5 / -10%
max. dimension 940 x 3000 mm 285 x 550 mm 1000 x 6000 mm 2000 x 1000 mm 2000 x 1000 mm
min. dimension 30 x 30 mm 25 x 25 mm 25 x 25 mm 25 x 20 mm 30 x 30 mm
min. height 0,8 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 3 mm 1,3 mm
Dimension tolerance +/- 1 mm +/- 1 mm +/- 1 mm +/- 1 mm +/- 1 mm
Quantities from 1 piece from 1 piece from 25 pieces from 1 piece from 1 piece
min. bend radius 5 mm 2 mm 10 mm 30 mm
(only metal-plated)
100 mm
(only metal-plated)
max. IP-protection IP65 IP64 IP64 - -
Adhesive foil possible yes yes yes no no
UL possible yes no yes no no

Flexible Flat Heating Elements

Depending on your application you can choose the most suitable flexible heating element between silicone, kapton or polyester mats...

Drum Heaters and Container Heaters

According to the destined application we use polyester, silicone, teflon and glass fibre for our drum heaters and container heaters. Some of the materials are coated and multi-layered resp. combined. The following selection table brings you directly to the most suitable product for your needs on There you can find detailed information on construction, technical data, heat-up times, operational safety as well as many close-up views and useful downloads. You can buy our drum and container heaters easily and comfortably in our online shop on

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Micanite Flat Heating Elements

MICANITE is a kind of insulation paper which is impregnated with a heat resistant binder and afterwards pressed in several shifts under heat and high pressure to plates. This material is heat resistant up to 350 °C, as special construction (Phlogopit) up to 450 °C, and is used for the wire wound formers as well as for the encapsulating cover plates...

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Nomex Band Heaters

Nomex heating elements are an inexpensive solution for applications where a flexible heating element with low power (max. 1 W/cm²) and for max. temperatures of 150 °C is required...

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Ceramic Flat Heating Elements

CERAMIC Flat Heating Elements are suitable for high temperature applications exceeding 450 °C. They are also brought into action where a heat storage capacity is needed...

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Service (User Manual)

Here you can see the user manual for our flat heating elements...

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  • Chapter Flat Heating Elements
    Chapter Flat Heating Elements

    Multifunctional use, uniform heating: Contact heating of flat surfaces. We manufacture flat heating elements in several materials, customised to your application.


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