Ceramic Insulated (Band) Heaters

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Ceramic Insulated (Band) Heaters are predestined for high-temperature applications beyond 450 °C, for example for pipe heating in process heat technology, especially when gases are involved. Ceramic insulated flat heating elements are also brought into action where a heat storage capacity is needed, as in hot plates the case.

With the heating surface of ceramic flat heaters being composed by small-limbed ceramic elements with aligned holes in the centre for the resistance coils to be fed through, ceramic sectional heating mats are also applicable for bent or cylindric surfaces.

Like Micanite insulated flat heating elements also Ceramic insulated elements can receive a metal sheath. The latter provides additional protection against mechanical load and allows for attaching connection boxes. Another advantage is the easy installation by means of mounting holes in the metal cladding. Hereby an even and safe contact to the surface to be heated, hence an optimal heat transfer can be achieved. Using an insulation fleece as intermediate layer between ceramic heating element and metal cladding reduces radiation losses to the rear and so optimizes the high energy efficiency of metal sheathed ceramic flat heating elements further.

Ceramic Insulated (Band) Heaters [1 / 8]
Ceramic sectional surface heating element [2 / 8]
Mounting hole in the metal sheath of a ceramic insulated surface heater [3 / 8]
Ceramic insulated metal-clad surface heating element with mounting holes and connection box [4 / 8]
Ceramic sectional heating mat, metal-clad, with mounting holes and connection cage [5 / 8]
Connection area on a ceramic surface heating element [6 / 8]
Ceramic surface heating framed in metal [7 / 8]
Ceramic links of a ceramic surface heating system [8 / 8]

Ceramic Band Heaters

For ceramic sectional heating mats designed in cylindrical shape or in frame construction a metal sheath is obligatory. Cylindrical ceramic sectional heaters, also known as ceramic ring heaters or ceramic band heaters, are attached to the contact surface by means of a clamping mechanism. A preferred field of use for ceramic band heaters is the heating of plasticising cylinders, bushings and nozzles of injection moulding machines and screw barrels of extrusion machines. For thermal optimization and process control ceramic band heaters can also be offered with insulation jackets or air cooling.

Ceramic ring heater with insulation jacket [1 / 8]
Band heater with ceramic insulation [2 / 8]
Ceramic band heater for extrusion screw barrels with air cooling [3 / 8]
Ceramic band heater [4 / 8]
Ceramic insulated band heater [5 / 6]
Ceramic band heater [6 / 8]
Ceramic band heater [7 / 8]
Ceramic band heater [8 / 8]

Use of Ceramic band heaters:

  • For heating molds, dies, nozzles and especially to heat the plasticising cylinders (barrels) of injection molding machines and extruders
  • Ceramic band heaters are ideal solution for heating cylndrical surfaces

Advantages of Ceramic band heaters:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity hence heat transfer
  • High working temperature
  • Long lifetime of the heater if installed correctly
  • Uniform temperature profile
  • Easy installation
  • Exellent dielectric strength


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    Chapter Flat Heating Elements

    Multifunctional use, uniform heating: Contact heating of flat surfaces. We manufacture flat heating elements in several materials, customised to your application.

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