Protection Sleeves


Protect your leads from mechanical damage. Fibre glass sleeve, braided metal sleeve and shrink sleeves are usually available from stock.

Fibreglass sleeve (silicone impregnated)

  • Permanent temperature resistance up to 180 °C
  • Standard length: 100 m (ring)
  • Different colours, different types, some dimensions with UL-approbation
Inside diameter
0,5 mm x W 0,55 mm
4,0 mm x W 0,60 mm (UL)
5,5 mm x W 0,60 mm
6,5 mm x W 0,60 mm (UL)
9,5 mm x W 0,70 mm (UL)
10,5 mm x W 0,90 mm (UL)

Braided metal sleeve (stainless steel)

  • more types on request
Inside diameter
5,0 mm

Shrink sleeve

  • engths or cut
  • more types on request
Specifications Temperature max (long term operation)
9,52 mm/3/8", black, Polyolefin, shrink rate 2:1 135 °C
9,52 mm/3/8", nature, PTFE, shrink rate: 4:1 250 °C
4,3 mm, black, PTFE-FEP, shrunk ID: 1,0 mm 250 °C


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    Chapter Accessories

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