Limiteurs de température et fusibles thermiques


In order to protect an application from too high temperatures a limiter can be used. This usually is a bimetal which opens the contact at a set temperature and closes again when the system has cooled off. Alternatively a fuse can be used which does not close again automatically.

Thermal cut-outs

Types Temperature Approbation
Manual reset 90 °C, 105 °C, 115 °C UL, VDE
Automatic reset 60 ° - 150 °C UL, VDE
Thermal reset 60 ° - 150 °C UL, VDE
Thermal limiter on request UL, VDE

Thermal fuses

  • Several types, available from stock 70 ° - 240 °C
  • Standard quantity: 200 pcs per unit
Thermal fuses Cut-Outs 


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