For the electric connection and safety of our heating elements, special materials are needed. In this chapter "Accessories" you can find suitable leads and sleeves. The connection technology in areas with more than 100 °C permanent temperature should use suitable connectors and terminations. All listed leads, sleeves, terminations and connectors normally are in stock or can be supplied at short notice. We have listed only the most popular articles, should you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Choose the leads between silicone leads, PTFE leads, fibre glass leads, high temperature leads, thermoleads or different terminations...

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Mangueras protectoras

Protect your leads from mechanical damage. Fibre glass sleeve, braided metal sleeve and shrink sleeves are usually available from stock...

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Bloques de terminales

Ceramic terminal blocks are available in our range of accessories and are mainly used for infrared heaters. These multi pole connectors have stainless steel contacts and can be used up to 450 °C resp. 20 A...

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Limitadores de temperatura y fusibles de temperatura

In order to protect an application from too high temperatures a limiter can be used. This usually is a bimetal which opens the contact at a set temperature and closes again when the system has cooled off. Alternatively a fuse can be used which does not close again automatically...

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  • Chapter Accessories
    Chapter Accessories

    Small quantities, perfect supplement: It´s not just the heaters that count - everything around does, too. We supply connection components and accessories in order to optimise the use of our heating elements.