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Commitment is more important than school marks - 09.05.2007

Freek looks for young and motivated people for a technical training. (from Sina Heilmann; WP)

Menden. Milling, filing and drilling – these tasks are part of the trainee's daily work. Understanding the process counts more than a good school report.

Commitment is more important than school marks No matter if in heating fans, in tumble dryers or in the plastics and packaging industry – Freek's electrical heating elements can be found in a variety of fields. One element is often not bigger than half a biro, however, inside the miniature coil it's the little things that cause big problems. The single parts have to be assembled and processed with great care. Apart from Freek, there are only a handful of competitors who produce heating elements in such small dimensions. For August the Menden-based company looks for an employee who would like to start an apprenticeship to a Teilezurichter (part trimmer). "It is important that the person likes handcraft work with metal", explains production manager Wolfgang Berndt. Managing director Wolfgang Kaiser adds: "Without reading, understanding and preparing technical drawings it is not possible to work as a Teilezurichter (part trimmer) "Freek always trains for its own need. Wolfgang Kaiser: "We have such a specialized production, that we always intend to take over the trainee after the training years." Founded in 1950, the company employs now 45 people. Apart from producing heating elements, maintenance and small repairs of the machines are part of the scope of duties of a part trimmer. The medium-sized company focuses on innovation. Continuous development of the products, new projects and ideas – all these things should secure the company's future. So the trainees see all production steps during their two training years in order to gain insight in the procedures. In addition to the weekly attendance of the training school, a three-month-training at a technical school of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hemer is part of the training programme.

"We have no entry requirements."

Wolfgang Kaiser, managing director

Commitment is more important than school marks New trainees do not have to depend on a perfect school report. "We have no special entry requirements", Kaiser explains. "Beside technical understanding, the applicants should be team players and communicative." The company does not expect a perfect command of German but the willingness to speak German with the colleagues and to be able to read operating instructions. "We would like to give young people a chance", Wolfgang Kaiser says. A German CSE is desirable, however, a foreign exam will be accepted as well. It is important that the applicants are at least 16 years old. Wolfgang Berndt warns: "Only one thing cannot be tolerated: a bad report because of laziness, and this will be recognised immediately." If the trainees are committed and motivated, Wolfgang Berndt and his colleague Henning Ruffer sit down with them after work and study with them for the exams. "We help everyone. Eventually, we act in concert", Berndt, who has been working for Freek for 32 years, promises. At the same time he makes an appeal to the girls: "we would be glad about female applicants. Dare it!" Usually the applicants make a 4-6 week practical training before beginning the apprenticeship. Thus, both parties can judge whether the job is the right one for the applicant.

Commitment is more important than school marks
Wolfgang Berndt, Wolfgang Kaiser and Henning Ruffer learn
with their trainees for exams and help with
the correct use of textbooks.
WP photos: Martina Dinslge

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