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Dedication to Simple Production in Germany - 30.11.2007

Freek welcomes participants of LEAN-Project. (ars; WP)

Menden. A remarkable project and a "milestone meeting" in Menden. Freek causes a stir beyond Menden's borders.

A remarkable project and a "milestone meeting" in Menden. Freek causes a stir beyond Menden's borders. Guided tour through the company and the new 500 square metres building which is under construction at the moment: The company Friedrich Freek GmbH, which produces electrical heating elements and heating systems, yesterday showed participants of the LEAN-Implementation-Project the own company. The project deals with finding and discussing possibilities to safeguard simple jobs in Western Germany. The Menden-based company employs appr. 50 people and trains four apprentices – recently could the awarded WESTFALENPOST-series "Last-Minute-Apprentices" aid to find suitable candidates. "We employ part-trimmers, simple jobs in Germany have to be developed", managing director Wolfgang Kaiser emphasizes. The project's participants have looked around in Menden for two days and discussed the research project, which goes on until spring 2008. Final highlight after the tour through the production was the presentation of a film in which all eight participants are involved.

Dedication to Simple Production in Germany
Production tour at Freek: The successful
Menden-based company welcomed the
participants of the LEAN-project for two days.
WP photo: Martina Dinslage

Source: Westfalenpost »

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