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This Year A Second Floor - 07.05.2007

Friedrich Freek GmbH expands (sh; WP)

Menden. "We are bursting at the seams", states Wolfgang Kaiser, managing director of Friedrich Freek GmbH. "We need more capacity, after all every company should keep something in reserve for orders at short notice."

Efforts to rent free areas in the company's neighbourhood in Menden failed. Therefore the Germany-based company decided to extend on their own site. In the area, though, this is not possible, so it goes up into the air. The second production hall will be raised. Thus, additional space of 500 square metres is created. "Mainly we will expand the production", Kaiser explains. At the same time the washrooms and changing rooms in the cellar are enlarged and renovated. "So we can increase the workforce as well", Kaiser says and thinks about 12 to 16 new jobs on a long-term basis. This month the construction work is about to begin and it should be finished this year.

Noch in diesem Jahr eine Zweite Etage
There is no space left on the site therefore a second floor is built on the rear production hall. WP photo: Martina Dinslage

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