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Visit us virtually - 08.05.2020

If travelling and face-to-face meetings are no longer possible in times of Corona until further notice, we still can meet online.

Let's make a virtue of necessity and meet in the virtual FreekMeetingRoom. Here we will show and explain our products and how you can use them in your applications just as we would at our trade fair stand or in a real meeting room. And we will be able to access relevant information much more easily via our intranet.

So how do we get together virtually?

Very simply - via video conference. It's almost like being live on site.

Call us: +49 2373 9590-0 or
write us an e-mail: or
please use our contact form.

Then we will arrange a video conference at a specific time, e.g. via Skype or Jitsi Meet. Both video conferencing systems work perfectly, are free of charge and you don't even have to register for Jitsi Meet.

Visit us virtually

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