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Case Study: Lightweight Drying System For Food Manufacturers - 16.02.2021

With over 100 years in the industry, a single German company is one of the biggest, global system manufacturers to produce fully automatic machinery for flat and hollow food production. Their development requires the highest of standards and compliance. So with investment into a custom Ceramicx infrared drying system and ceramic elements, they can now offer a safer, more suitable environment for their customer’s food applications.

German engineering

Our client has steadily grown to become widely respected around the world for quality and trust in its plant manufacturing. Together with engineering machinery for food packaging, coating, and moulding, their principal production lies with automated machinery for the industrial preparation and production of batter, cream, snacks, and wafers.

Thanks to their strong market position, they’re now industry experts in automated extrusion plant manufacture. Working together with leading global manufacturers, their team of engineers regularly design and create industry-standard machinery used around the world.

Their customer base already has access to a high-quality and cost-effective range of machinery for the FMCG sector. But the team worked closely with our German-based distributors, Friedr. Freek, to develop a custom-built, infrared drying system that ensures maximum safety in the making of wafers and snacks.

Ceramic elements

Having previously specified halogen heaters for their drying system, risk analysis carried out by the customers engineers concluded they weren’t safe in a food production environment.

Considering suitable alternatives – and regarding ceramic a safer, more structurally-sound choice – the team collaborated with Friedr. Freek to identify the right ceramic elements for their requirements. Opting for Ceramicx 1000W, square flat solid elements (SFSE), these perfectly suited the application.

Custom design and build

With heavy involvement from the team at Friedr. Freek, together with their own experience in machinery design, our client produced a full concept drawing for an additional system part. Our in-house team then produced detailed manufacturing drawings ready for approval before work commenced.

The system had several custom design requests, including a non-standard, smaller frame, lighter grade steel to reduce the system’s overall weight, and an open back for airflow when in use. And for reliable power distribution, busbars were also used to reduce the risk of electrical burnout. Their inclusion also eliminated the use of fibreglass insulated cable, which the client doesn’t allow in their food production machinery in case of contamination.

Total power 40 kW
Frame SS304
Element type SFSE 1000W 230/140V (4 x 10) 2 elements T/C k
Leads 150mm, MS ring terminals on power leads and ferrules on T/C k leads
Electrical connection 7m flexible metallic conduit with additional 500mm leads

A continuing partnership

Building on the relationship between the client and Friedr. Freek, Ceramicx has completed repeat orders for this drying system design on their behalf since 2016. We look forward to continuing to partner with them and Friedr. Freek in the future.

Lightweight Drying System For Food Manufacturers Lightweight Drying System For Food Manufacturers Lightweight Drying System For Food Manufacturers Lightweight Drying System For Food Manufacturers

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