Holiday 2014 - 12.12.2013

As in the past years, we will again use public holidays for long week ends. As the practise to make no summer shutdown has proven itself of value, also this summer all departments are at your disposal in order to be able to offer our well-known service. As several of our European partners will close the companies for some weeks in August, it is advisable to plan material requirements early. In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

But let's start at the beginning:
6. January is no public holiday in our part of Germany, thus this will be our first working day after two weeks of Christmas holidays.

Good Friday (18. April) is a public holiday in Germany, as well as Easter Monday. So we celebrate Easter from 18. to 21. April. Holy Thursday in no holiday in Germany.

1. May is a Thursday so it serves well as a long weekend, as well as Ascension Day (29. May) and Corpus Christi (19. June). German Unification Day (3. October) is a Friday so we will have a short long weekend. Neither Reformation Day (31. October) nor Penance Day (19. November) are public holidays in our part of Germany.

Our last working day in 2014 will be Friday, 19. December. At 11 am we will start with our yearly employees meeting and start our holiday with our Christmas party. Our company will be closed for two full weeks until 5. January 2015.

Vacation days
18. April Good Friday
21. April Easter Monday
1. + 2. May Labour Day
29. + 30. May Ascension Day
19. + 20. June Corpus Christi
03. October Day of German Unity
20. - 31. December Christmas holiday

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