Holiday 2011 - 08.03.2011

It is nice to plan holidays and to look forward to some days off. We would like to share this with you!

In 2011 we will "build" three bridges: 3. June (after Ascension Day), 24. June (after Corpus Christi) and 31. October (before All Saints' Day). Our company will be closed on these days.

We will not close for summer holidays this year. All departments will be occupied, in order to be able to offer the usual service. As our cooperation partner in Europe will traditionally close for some weeks in August, it is recommendable to plan ahead in time. Our team will happily assist you.

The last working day of this year will be 22. December. At 11.00 h we will have our employers' meeting. Afterwards we will celebrate our Christmas party. Our company is closed during Christmas until 2. January 2012. 6. January is no holiday here.

Holiday 2011

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