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Growing with the Internet - 21.11.2007

Freek GmbH made competitors allies with EUCOPET - at the same time the major customers are in the region (Sauerland) – Symposium for Lean

Menden. To make worldwide competitors allies when it makes sense and is profitable for everyone: That has been the basic idea of the EUCOPET network of heating element producers founded in 1997. The Menden-based company Friedrich Freek participated from the beginning. It is true that Germany is the most important country for the plastic industry, four of the biggest hotrunner producers are located in the Sauerland, therefore the site in Menden still is and remains ideal for Freek. But: The international network has steadily grown at the same time – "especially with the Internet which granted better and better opportunities for us", as Freek-boss Wolfgang Kaiser explains. Today four of the 50 employees work in the EDP-department. That there does exist a job of an IT-clerk is thanks to Freek's pressure. It is little wonder that among the four apprentices at Freek currently is a future IT-clerk.

Freek also worries about the traditional jobs, which have been lost by the hundred thousands during the last years in Germany. "Lean Implementation" is the key word to the Kaisers, who made Freek to one of five company partners in this research and development project. On 28. and 29. November the chairs of the universities Dortmund and Bochum as well as the partner companies will be present at a symposium in the rooms of the Sparkasse Menden. - hgm

Growing with the Internet
Look into the new hall: from March 2008
it will be used for production. Photo: Hagemann

Source: Mendener Zeitung » Mendener Zeitung

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