Freek Offsite - 03. - 04.11.2023

Freek embraces Team Spirit and Innovation: Successful 2-Day Offsite at Golfhotel Gut Neuenhof. The offsite served not only as a relaxation getaway but also as a strategic alignment for the upcoming year.

In a focussed and productive atmosphere, the highlights of the current year were discussed and strategies for the coming year were developed. The focal points included the production of high-quality products, driving digitalization, and developing innovative heating solutions. As a strong professionally and socially competent team, we want to inspire our customers and partners with maximum flexibility, short response times and close co-operation, and keep them on the road to success.

The offsite offered a successful mix of work and leisure. In a lively atmosphere, the Freek team measured their “strengths” in the Gaming Room in Dortmund. The victory prize was awarded to Robin from the Quality Team during the evening wine tasting – congratulations!

The morning of the following day was initially characterised by relaxation. The basis for the constructive and harmonious atmosphere on the second day of the offsite was laid by practising yoga and playing golf together in bright sunshine.

"Overall, the offsite was a complete success, as Wolfgang Kaiser (Managing Director) summarized in his closing words: "Our offsite was not only a welcome change. The intense interaction that took place during these two days will positively impact our future projects. I look forward to incorporating the gained energy and strengthened team spirit into our daily work together."

With the 2-day offsite, Freek continues its competence and team development strategy initiated in the late 1990s. This strategy is scientifically supported within the framework of accompanying corporate network projects and methodically moderated by an experienced team trainer. The investment in competencies and soft skills proves its worth, evident in low employee fluctuation and a refreshing influx of well-integrated and highly motivated newcomers. The positive company development over the last 25 years, including the recent pandemic years, would never have been possible without this Freek team. Therefore, despite all existing challenges, we view the future positively and will do everything to continue our successful journey together with our customers and partners.

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