Entry Certificate at Freek - 28.02.2014

Entry Certificate The implementation of the Entry Certificate in Germany has caused a lot of trouble in the industry in the past months. When companies supply goods to end-users based in EU-countries they have to prove that the goods really arrived in the EU-member state in order to take advantage of the turnover tax exemption. This can simply be done by the customer confirming the receipt of the goods by filling in the Entry Certificate and returning it to the seller.

The Entry Certificate has to have a certain official frame and has to include certain information. It can also consist of several logically connected documents. The combination of a quarter is also possible.

Since last year Freek sends an Entry Certificate with each EU-delivery via mail or e-mail that reduces the required effort with this official document to a minimum. Should you have any queries regarding this issue please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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