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Euroheat with a "new look" - 02.03.2008

The management and employees at Freek congratulate their partner of many years, the company Euroheat s.r.l. in Turin on the successful relocation to new spacious premises at Corso Lombardia 50, 10099 San Mauro Torinese (TO).

The company took this step at the end of last year and it is their second move since it was founded 18 years ago. The decision, taken by company founder and managing director Antonio Gulotta as early as 2005, was based on the growth rates of previous years, his confidence in the future and, last but not least, his belief that a robust cooperation would allow the small partner companies to be highly innovative and active on the global markets. Since then, in addition to the daily business, some intense planning and building has been going on and the result is impressive, as the photos show.

The new property boasts a modern, two-storey office building and a 24 x 70-meter production plant; it is located just one kilometre from the former site and the logistic connections are ideal. The new production facility now provides sufficient space to implement the change of strategy agreed between Freek and Euroheat in the HotMicroCoil heating elements sector. This arrangement means that, in future and depending on the market and customer requirements, Freek and Euroheat will both manufacture the entire range of this product category. It goes without saying that the territorial areas and OEM customers will also still be respected and the cooperative synergies in all areas of activities, from sales through production to purchasing, utilised.

Euroheat with a new look

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