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Our Main Business

"We develop, manufacture and distribute electric heating elements and heating systems for industry and household"

Product range

Markets and appliances

  • Household appliences industry
  • Driers, hand driers, room heaters, (infrared) cooking appliances, pot warmers, coffeemakers, irons, ...
  • Plastic industry
  • Plastic injection machines (nozzles, hot runner distributors, extruders), thermoforming machines, plastic welding machines, ...
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Packaging machines, hot stamping machines, hot melting machines, ...
  • Medical equipment, canteen kitchen, bakery, food industry, textile and rubber industry, process technology ...
  • Hot beds, dialysis, ovens, manufacture and treatment of food, surface coating, hot waxing, printing technique, rubberizing, vulcanizing, warm cabinets, ...

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Direct line

Tel.: +49 2373 9590 0

Fax: +49 2373 9590 30


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