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Freek from a bird's-eye view 2010

About Us

Founded in 1950 as manufacturer of electrical resistances, we still produce heating elements at the high-tech location that is Germany; some of our current products have their origins in our company's founding. Since then we have expanded our product range considerably and have successfully positioned ourselves in the market.

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Your Freek Team

Freek is often mixed up with Freak. We take this with humour. As you will see, we are a little bit freaky, but (or because) we all work for Freek. Here we would like to introduce ourselves with all our freaky facets.

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Our Main Business

"We develop, manufacture and distribute electric heating elements and heating systems for industry and household"

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Our Organization

Of course our self image is a methaphor: Analogous to an organic cell there is the nucleus with different cell sectors, which represent the several departments in our company. The outer "sectors" such as marketing, development and purchase are in direct contact with our customers and suppliers and are supported by our partners, distributors and representatives.

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Freek in the Changing Times

With the transformation into a limited liability company (Friedrich Freek GmbH) the era Wilhelm Kaiser began. With his imperturbable optimism, entrepreneurial courage, absolute will of success and his cleverness he freed Freek out of the bankruptcy whirlpool of the then majority share-holder and main customer Maerkische Metallwerke and lead ship and crew back to safe tracks.

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Facts and Figures

Here you will find useful information about Friedr. Freek GmbH, as well as important key figures about the company.

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Publications & Press Reports

Publicatons and Press Reports with German and English titles about Freek.

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General Terms of Trade

You can download our General Terms of Trade as PDF file here. They are divided in sales and buying conditions.

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