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Cooperation Beats Competition

Founded in 1950 as manufacturer of electrical resistances, we still produce heating elements at the high-tech location that is Germany; some of our current products have their origins in our company‘s founding. Since then we have expanded our product range considerably and have successfully positioned ourselves in the market.

We promote the mission "Cooperation beats competition". Thus we deal with colleagues, customers and suppliers - in a cooperative and communicative manner. We are namely team players, from the boss to the apprentice.

Apart from the management board there are no hierarchies, all other employees work on the same level; only in production there is a manager as a disciplinary superior. We waive executive positions and status symbols. And we do not miss them for there is much room in the day-to-day business to distinguish oneself by ones talents and qualifications. Therefore all employees work as autonomously as possible ensuring interfaces are reduced to a minimum, which guarantees the quickest decisions and the most motivated staff. Service is lived by us, meaning you profit as our customer.

In order to keep track of the constant changes in the market, we are always looking for new possibilities to solve your heating challenges in the best way. To achieve this we work together in cooperation with partners all over the world. With them we gain advantages of volume, flexibility and, above all, innovation. The high and reliable quality of our products is the result of cooperative product and process improvements in a network of competitors, suppliers, scientists and not least you, our customers. This ensures we can respond flexibly to your demands.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

Your Freek team

Your Freek team

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Feel the heat @ Freek

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