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Prospects for Success


In previous years, with few exceptions, Freek has regularly achieved double-figure sales growth. Freek also plans to continue this rate of growth in the coming years; a fact clearly demonstrated with the completion of the building extension project in 2008. We are fully aware that this means achieving the goals set out in Low2High for promoting cooperation with high-tech partners.

The path to successful production and marketing of simple standard heating elements that we embarked on with LEAN leads through the intelligent integration of value creation, thus through cooperation in all directions and at all levels. At the same time, customers of standard heating elements are no longer simply manufacturers of hair dryers, toasters or waffle makers out to win the discount battle. They are more likely to be manufacturers of high-class products and designs for upmarket or professional requirements. In addition to the household appliance industry, buyers of standard heating elements are increasingly to be found in the established high-tech sectors; these include plastic-mechanical engineering, medical technology; even the automotive and aerospace industries are using simple heating elements.

Finding such high-quality clientele and binding them to the company in the long term will be the chief economic benefit of Low2High beyond the end of the project. Freek's long-term goal is to make use of what we have achieved with Low2High to create a win-win situation and grow in harmony with our high-tech partners and the challenges they present us.

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