Bandes chauffantes


Heating bands are the ideal solution for the heating of tubes an cylinders. UGL is a mica nozzle heater, made with a plastic-tight stainless steel casing and available with thermocouple on request. UGL is in many dimension available from stock (table page 2). For all other dimensions (dia < 70 mm) you could use micaflex. The Ceramic heating band type Keraplast is suitable specially for applications with high watt density and therefore for higher temperatures.

Technical data:

Specific surface load:

  • UGL 5 W/cm²
  • Keraplast 8 W/cm²
  • Micaplast 3,5 W/cm²

Working temperature:

  • UGL up to 350 °C
  • Keraplast bigger 280 °C
  • Micaplast dia > 70 mm
(No warranty claims can be derived from this technical data)
Heating Band

Bandes chauffantes UGL − Exécution en acier inoxydable

UGL heaters are plastic tight mica heating bands. Their stainless steel casing is corrosion-resistant to most plastics (PVC and other) and allows a surface load up to 5 W/cm². In all dimensions thermocouples could be installed by request. The standard has got a 45 ° axial exit with 1000 mm glass-fiber insulated leads and a braided metal sleeve...

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Bandes chauffantes MICAPLAST

MICAPLAST band heater are applicable for almost every production process. By using flexible raw materials there are no limits to form or dimension. The connection could be made by leads from internal or a connection box at the element...

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Bandes chauffantes en céramique KERAPLAST

KERAPLAST band heaters are designed for heating processes where a high surface load up to max. 8 W/cm² is demand just as higher working temperatures over 280 ° C. The connection could be made by lead from inside or by a terminal box at the element...

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Réchauffeurs d'arrêt du moteur (rubans chauffants Nomex)

Motor standstill heaters (Nomex band heaters) are an inexpensive solution for applications where a flexible heating element with low power (max. 1 W/cm²) and for max. temperatures of 150 °C is required...

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Service (instructions d′utilisation)

Here you can see the user manual for our heating bands...

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    Chapter Heating Bands

    High power, big flexibility: Heating of tubes and cylinders. We have the right type to meet your requirements with different models and materials suitable for your application.