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Freekmovie - company profile

Freekmovie - company profile The idea of our Freek movie goes back onto our LEAN project, in which we established until the beginning of year 2008 a comprehensive business model for the manufacture of our simple standard heating elements. At that time the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) assigned the Berlin filmmaker Renate Teucher to produce a film documentation about the project results.

This was how we happened to achieve the first edition of our Freek movie. And the first edition could have easily been the current one if not the upcoming world economic crises would have reversed economic realities completely. So the words at the film's ending "... The order books are full and Freek is once more expanding" sounded somewhat misplaced and could impossibly be left. This is how it came we approached Mrs. Teucher just one year later to produce an updated edition of the movie.

The result received its premier at the occasion of the company's 60th anniversary in June 2010. And due to the overwhelming positive resonance from our guests we decided to have a short trailer (3 min) besides the more essential but longer documentation, too. We would be pleased if you like our Freek movies, and thank you in advance for any comments.

Produced by
Filmproduktion Renate Teucher
On behalf of Friedr. Freek GmbH
Writer / Director
Renate Teucher
Renate Teucher
Post Production
Kevin Kepler
Sound Mixing
Alexander Bruns
Voice Over
Detlef Bruns

Trailer (3 min)

Movie (24 min)